6 Tips to Help You Recognize Fake Gadgets

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology On 14th March 2017

Sometimes fake items are made so well you’re unable to differentiate between them. Here are tips that will help you recognize fake gadgets.

Let's take a look.


#1 Quality Of Packing

Original manufacturers always pay attention to packing. They fix their goods well so that nothing gets damaged. You can judge fake gadgets by taking a closer look at the packaging.

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#2 User Manual

The user manual is the passport of any gadget. If it’s written in some other language, then it’s a brand copycat.


#3 Material Quality

Material quality can explain a lot about the gadget. Famous brands don’t save on materials. Plastic must be smooth, without any imperfections.


#4 Take a look at the fonts

A logo deserves special attention. All fonts on the device must be durable, smooth and readable. You can recognize fakes gadgets by just taking a closer look at the fonts.

#5 Charger

Take a look at the instructions for the charger. It should adapt for use in your country. Otherwise, it's a brand copycat.

#6 Size And Color Of Plug And Wires

Original gadgets cable will sit evenly and firmly with high-quality insulation. Symbol markings mustn’t be erasable.