6 Ways To Make Sex EVEN BETTER

By Muk Khatri in Life Style On 8th September 2015


Sex is a feast for the senses - the aroma of your partner's sweaty body, the feeling of their hands touching you, the sounds of their moans as you pleasure one another, the sight of another human being who wants nothing more than to ravish you....so why not make it a feast for ALL the senses by including food in your lovemaking? Chocolates, strawberries, popcorn, chili...add the taste of love.


Have you ever made love without speaking a single word - and with the only language being communicated between you and your partner the language of your bodies? Save your mouth for more important things... ;)

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The bedroom is a place for rest - and what you're doing is ANYTHING but restful. Sex on the couch will change how you view lovemaking entirely - the shape allows you to find a number of new positions that would not have been possible on a boring old bed


Once the clothes come off, the mystery leaves with them - and mystery is essential to keeping the flame alive. Once you've seen your partner nude, there's nothing else to see - so hold on to that by never removing any of your clothes (unless it's to switch into some comfortable pajamas or something).

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"But wait," you say. "Isn't touching kind of essential to sex?"

You have so much to learn - sex is about PLEASURE...and touching is just one avenue towards bringing pleasure to your partner. And, frankly, not a great one. It leaves them sweaty and nervous and the whole time you'll be wondering "oh god are they really enjoying this or are they just faking it?" and your overthinking will make you wonder if even YOU'RE enjoying this. Are you even doing it right? What if you've been doing sex wrong every time but your partners were just too embarrassed to tell you? YOU WOULD NEVER EVEN KNOW. Then you'll briefly think "oh god what if the condom breaks or leaks or something" and envision suddenly having to have children with this person and WOW that's so much pressure all of a sudden. Plus are you dating now? Should you ask them to brunch? What if they think you're desperate?! I mean you are but you don't want them to know that and oh god why didn't you just stay home tonight?!

Does that sound like "pleasure?" No. No, it doesn't.


Now you're on the couch, eating food, with your pajamas on, not touching - but watching Netflix together (binging on X-Files reruns to get ready for the new episodes). Feel that? That's true pleasure.

Enjoy the sex!