68-Year-Old Saudi Prince Marries 25-Year-Old In A Grand Lavish Ceremony, Pays $50m To The Bride For The Marriage To Happen

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 8th May 2018

The second son of King Salman, King Sultan Bin Salman, 68 recently got married to a 25-year-old woman from UAE. The lavish wedding ceremony has got the world in awe as the bride received millions of dollars gifts from her husband including $50m as dowry. Check out the video and see on your own.


#1 Paying A Heavy Price For His 25-Year Old Bride

68-year-old Saudi Arabian Prince, Sultan Bin Salman recently tied a knot with a 25-year old woman at a grand wedding ceremony held in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi prince had to pay a heavy price for the marriage, as it is reported that the Prince has paid $50m for his bride.


#2 Bride Received Millions Of Dollars Gifts In Her Dowry From Her Husband

In addition to this, it is reported that the woman who is from UAE received millions of dollars gifts from her husband as the wedding gift. Reading the details of the lavish wedding ceremony, Twitter went into a frenzy. One Twitter user tweeted, the bride received diamonds and several other precious stones on her wedding.


#3 A Chariot Filled With Gifts Was Seen At The Wedding Venue

Also in addition to this between 20-30 white Range Rovers and no fewer than 30 large boxes were offloaded from a white luxurious bus to be presented to the bride’s family. A chariot filled with gifts for the bride and her family was also seen at the wedding venue.

#4 Prince Sultan Is The Second Son King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

The Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Salman was June 27, 1956, he is the second son of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. He has three children. He earned a master’s degree in social and political science at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, USA in 1999. The Prince enjoys different hobbies including skiing, flying, photography, architecture, reading, and travel.


#5 Check Out The Video!

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