7 Art Pieces That Makes You Wonder Is It Really Art??

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 4th November 2013

#1: Gerhard Richter’s Blood Red Mirror

This painting fetched 1.1 million dollars. We get the collector's need to collect unique art but dude! You could have done that yourself.

#2: Blinky Palermo’s Untitled

This painting was sold for $1.7 Million dollars at an auction. Who knew two shades of blue can make you rich!

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#3: Cy Twombly’s Untitled

Christie's auction list sold this painting for $2.3 Million. Doesn't it look like scribblings of a two year old?

#4: Christopher Wool’s Blue Fool

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#5: Mark Rothko’s Untitled

How much would YOU pay for a canvas full of orange color? Not much, but apparently someone liked it enough to pay $2.8 Million. Bummer, huh!

#6: Ellsworth Kelly’s Green White

Green color is known for enhancing productivity but does it does it enahances enough productivity to make you want to pay $1.6 Million.

#7: Lucio Fontana’s Concetto Spaziale, Attese

This red curtain-like painting was sold for $1.5 Million at an auction in London. Seems like a primary school project!