7 deaths and accidents caused by chocolate

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 3rd October 2013

#1: Woman bled to death

In 1910 a young woman died while trying to share her chocolate with her co-workers. She attempted to cut the bar in pieces and instead slipped and cut an artery in her leg.

#2: Chocolate coated iron pills

In the 1960's iron pills were chocolate coated. They resembled and tasted so much like candy that many young children ate them. Some of those kids didn't survive due to the iron overdose.

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#3: Man dies after falling into a cauldron of chocolate

A man, dropping blocks of chocolate into a cauldron, dies after falling in. Apparently, he slipped on the platform and lost his balance, fell into the 50 (deg) centigrade melted mixture of chocolate. He was pronounced dead after rescuers brought him out from the cauldron.

#4: Man goes missing

A senior citizen left the Sydney hospital to buy a chocolate bar. His body was located a week later.

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#4: When life is a box of chocolates

A 60 year old man's body was found in the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland. The old gent was carrying a box chocolates. The police think he might have been going to visit someone when he died.

#5: Choking to death by chocolate

A man with an eating disorder crammed an entire Mars bar in his mouth and choked to death.

#6: Heart attack by chocolate

A woman had a heart attack and died after getting some chocolate lodged in her throat.

#7: Chocolate eggs caused kids to choke

Chocolate eggs containing toys caused the choking deaths of at least three children.