7-Eleven Explains Why Logo Features Little-known Detail That People Had Been Missing For Years

By maks in Community On 10th June 2024

People are buzzing about a surprising detail in the 7-Eleven logo that many had never noticed before.

Logos are a staple in today’s visual world, serving as a quick identifier for businesses to communicate who they are to customers.

While some logos are straightforward, others can be quite intricate, but over time, their regular consumers start recognizing them without a second thought.

As customers, we often overlook the finer details, simply associating the logo with the brand and moving on.

Many viewers remarking that they never noticed this small detail. Instagram / @twosometravellers

However, a detail in the 7-Eleven logo was recently spotlighted by a social media user that might have escaped your notice.

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Take a moment to look at the logo. Do you see anything unusual about it that seems out of place or catches your eye?

An observant Instagram user, @twosometravellers, shared a video in late April that has since captured the attention of over 150,000 viewers.

Many commenters expressed their amazement at never having noticed this subtle detail.

The video begins with the man standing outside a 7-Eleven store, looking puzzled as he gazes up at the sign.

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He then turns the camera towards the storefront and the sign itself.

He highlights that while most of the 7-ELEVEn logo is in uppercase letters, the 'n' at the end is in lowercase.

The video was captioned with: "How did we miss this? But why though?! Has it always been small? Was it ever big?

"What else are we not realising? What game are they playing? We have so many questions!!!!"

Curiosity grew, leading to discussions about why this typographical choice was made, with many remarking they had never spotted this apparent inconsistency.

The official brand account stepped in to explain, noting: 

The brand account clarified the reason for the tiny detail change. Instagram / @twosometravellers

"Legend has it, the original owner's wife thought the logo looked more graceful with the lowercase 'n' as opposed to the harsher edges of the uppercase."

And if you're wondering, this wasn't a recent change—it's been this way since 1968.

One Instagram user commented: "Hahahaha it kind of hurts my heart to see incorrect grammar… I can't unsee it now."

Another joked: "I was today years old when I learned this... Thank you for sharing such knowledge, I will forever remember this moment now if you will excuse me. IMMA GO SEE IF OUR 7-ELEVEn is the same!!!"

A third shared their own revelation: "Honestly, after seeing your content I just realized it too and started to google the logo 😂 Apparently, it is true, the 'n' is small capital."

It’s fascinating what you might not notice until someone points it out!