7 people found dead, years after actual death

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 19th October 2013

#1: Hedviga Golik found dead after 42 years

A woman named Hedviga from Croatia was found dead in her flat in Zagreb. After being reported missing in 1966 she was found dead with her remains sitting in a chair facing a black and white TV and her cup of tea still lying on the table. Police said it was like stepping into a place frozen in time. Tenants and civic authorities who had noticed that the flat was not being used asked for it to be taken down but their pleas were not heard until authorities in search of the woman tracked her down to her last known living place.Read the full report at: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/woman-sat-dead-front-tv-977414

#2: Elderly man found dead after 15 years

An elderly man was found 15 years after his apprent death while still in his pyjamas at his abandoned house in Lille, France. A health safety inspector was commissioned to inspect the house when he found the skeletal remains. According to police authorities, no missing person's report was filed in search of this man which would mean that the man had no connections with friends or family.

Read more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2222240/Skeleton-man-died-15-YEARS-ago-abandoned-house-wearing-pyjamas.html

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#3: German man found dead in apartment after 7 years

Almost similar to the previous case, a German man was found dead in his apartment by police authorites. A 59 year old, unmarried and unemployed autopsy results show that the man died of natural causes. On the day of his passing away he received a letter from the Welfare Office. Along side his body, police found a TV guide, a pack of cigarettes and some Deutschemark coins (the currency in Germany before the Euro rolled in). Whats surprising is the fact that the apartment block also houses a couple of offices and the smell of something rotting would have probably alerted the authorities but apparently that didn't happen. Similarly no missing person's report was filed which means the man was a loner.Read more at http://voices.yahoo.com/german-man-found-dead-bed-7-years-later-341038.html?cat=54


#4: Natalie Woods body found after 8 years

Police found the skeletal remains of an Australian woman after her sister-in-law decided to inform the police of her unresponsive phone after several attempts to call her. The New South Wales state police said the woman died some 8 years back after reports of her autopsy came in. The woman kept receiving government benefits that were regularly deposited into her bank account although it was left untouced. As the years after her death passed utility companies cut off the power and water to her home after non-payment of bills. Police are yet to identify the cause of death which for now seems she died of natural causes.

Read more at : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/06/sydney-woman-remains-found_n_891102.html

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#5: Joyce Carol Vincent- body found after rotting for 3 years

In probably the most widely known case, Joye Carol's body was found dead in her apartment after 3 years on January 25, 2006. Her remains were found on a sofa with the telly still on. Her remains were so decomposed that the only way they could identify her was through a photograph taken of her during a holiday trip. Police believe she died of natural causes. The sheer lack of community spirit was highlighted in the UK media after her death and only then were they able to trace out that she was born to parents from the Carribean who migrated over to the UK. Due to this a docu-drama, Dreams of Life was put into production in apprarent effort to know the person who was once Joyce.

A detailed research on her life can be read here: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2011/oct/09/joyce-vincent-death-mystery-documentary

#6: David Carter, body found after 4 years after suicide

David Carter was found dead after he committed suicide 4 years earlier before his body was found in his house by a Milwaukee real estate agent. The agent after repossessing the house after it was foreclosed due to non-payment of taxes, found the skeletonized remains of the owner on the stairs of the house. David had quit his job as a control officer and told family and friends that he planned to move to New Mexico, that was until he commited suicide.Read the whole report at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/06/david-carter-dead-suicide_n_1258367.html


#7: Simon Allen found dead in apartment after 2 years

Simon Allen, aged approximately 50 years was found dead after the apartment's landlord and bailiffs arrived at his doorstep to investigate why his rent wasn't being paid for several months only to find his body behind an armchair. Neighbors said he was a loner and a frequent alcoholic which is why many left him alone although some were shocked that he lay unnoticed for more than a year.Read more about his death at : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2271889/Man-lay-dead-flat-TWO-YEARS-cleaners-turned-clear-home.html