7 Siblings Camp Out At 101-Year Old Mother's Nursing Home Window As She Fights Against Coronavirus

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 16th May 2020

Mother's love is always an exception. We have heard great stories about mothers making sacrifices for their kids in the blink of an eye. For their child, there is nothing to question. But it is especially heartwarming when kids behave equally like this to their parents' especially during their time of need. Yes, parents need their kids most during the old age when they are in the most vulnerable state. This is the story of a 101-year old woman, whose kids traveled from all over the country to support her fight against coronavirus.


#1 Exceptional story of O'Brien siblings

It is said when it comes to mothers' love, love is eternal. We agree that especially with so many examples around us. But here is an exceptional story of O-Brien siblings who decided to be with their 101-year old mother to support her fight against the virus. As soon as the siblings learned that their mother tested positive for the disease, they drove to her from six states—Maryland, Washington, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

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#2 Distance was never a question at this time

O'Brien siblings knew that they have to be with their mother who was staying at Michigan nursing home at this crucial time. Even though each sibling lived in a different state and they would have to drive several hours to reach their mother but distance was never a question at this time.

Now for a couple of weeks, the siblings are camping outside the nursing house and doing whatever they can to keep their mom Jean O'Bren's spirits high.

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#3 These siblings knew that their mom needed them just like they needed her when they were little

"She needed us—just like when we were little [and] we needed her," Megan O'Brien, the youngest of Jean's nine children, told ABC News. Pat O'Brien, one of Megan's brothers, added, "I had no other single thought when I heard that she was positive other than getting home and seeing her and taking care of her and doing whatever I could to make her time better."

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#4 Traveling from six different states

The siblings came from six different states that include Maryland, Washington, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

"You never feel farther away from a loved one than when you get news like that. I immediately got in the car and drove," Pat told The Washington Post. "If these were going to be mom’s final days, we all wanted to surround her," said Megan.

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#5 Head of a big family

Jean is known as a 'Scrabble Queen' among her family and with the wish to complete her education, the woman attended college at the age of 60. She is the head of a big family, with 8 living children, 13 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

Given the emergency of the situation, the siblings booked Airbnb hastily, the one closest to their mom's nursing home. It is a one-bathroom room and living under one roof after 50 years again with one bathroom has served as nostalgia for their childhood memories when hey lived together crammed in a three-bedroom house with just one shower. "In many ways, this experience has been a serious throwback," said 65-year-old Ellen O’Brien who made the trip from Baltimore. "Being here was something we all felt very strongly about."

#6 Doing everything to keep a smile on her beautiful face

For nearly two weeks now, Jean's kids are stationed outside her room window. They camp outside from morning once when her blinds open till the evening. They keep their mom entertained by singing and dancing to her favorite songs. Basically they do everything to bring a smile over her face.

"As strange as it is to be hanging out outside her window, we’re so grateful to be close to her and to each other," said Terry O’Brien. "We find ourselves doing the silliest things in front of that window. Anything to make her smile," said Megan.

"Seeing her and taking it in... I just started to cry. And she waved and she smiled and she even I could see her mouthing my name 'Megan'... She was more animated and it was just beautiful... It was absolutely what we were hoping we would be able to do. And bring to her," she revealed.


#7 "We can’t believe it."

Jean's condition has significantly improved ever since her kids have come to visit her. "There’s been an amazing change in her demeanor since we’ve started sitting out here," said Tom O'Brien. "We can’t believe it."

Talking about their mom and her health, the siblings confided that after traveling on the road for almost a day, they never thought that they would have time to see their mother alive. It's a miracle for them to be by their mom's side during hr sickness."I honestly didn’t expect to arrive in time to find her alive,” said Pat O’Brien. Terry agreed, "Amazingly, she’s still with us. If she beats coronavirus at 101 years old, there’s no telling what else this woman can do."