7 Signs Your Marriage Might End Up in Divorce

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Life Style On 18th September 2018

Treating your partner badly.

One of the major predictors of a failed marriage is contempt. When you or your partner suddenly barrages the other with criticism or contempt, leaving the other feeling shell-shocked, this results in disengagement and often, over time, leads to contempt. Constant sarcasm, ridiculing, eye-rolling and disrespect can cause mental anguish and stress, leading to health issues.


Bad memories

Couples who get stuck viewing their relationship through a negative lens end up rewriting history that is often distorted. This extreme negative outlook contributes to the demise of a marriage.

You never argue

According to Douglas Kepanis, a divorce attorney in New York City, staying silent to keep the peace just leads to built-up resentment. If you keep secrets so you don’t upset your partner — you could end up destroying your marriage.

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