7 Situations In A Relationship When You Can Lie And It Is Not A Sin

Posted by Sama in Relationships On 19th June 2020

Interesting research tells us, that a 'white lie' can help build trust in a relationship. Scientists reveal that people would often want that you have good intentions and you lie rather than going all out with the truth. This means that if you want to benefit your partner in some way or wan to protect their feelings than you are allowed to tell a lie and not feel guilty about it.

Here is a list of a few situations where you can lie in your relationship and not let the guilt eat you away.


#1 Stuck in an abusive relationship.

Abusive relationships have nothing to offer in terms of intimacy or love. When trapped in situations like these, then your well being and your safety should be your utmost priority. If you are looking to escape the situation or trying to make situations less bad than you better not provoke the person with truth. If necessary lie about your whereabouts, your phone calls, and anything else, because safety always comes first.

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#2 When asked about your feelings for other people.

Sometimes you want to avoid sharing some personal questions if you are asked about another gender. How to respond if your partner asks if you find another person attractive? You definitely don't want to put your relationship in jeopardy over this harmless feeling or worst hurt your partner with your answer. You may have loved someone more in the past and you may sometimes feel attracted to others, but your relationship and your partner’s feelings are definitely way more important than this.

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#3 When you are in the middle of a breakup and do not want to add salt to the wound.

It can never be easy if you are the initiator of a breakup. What is the nicest way to tell your partner that it is over between you two? You need to show empathy here and do not want to indulge in the list of complaints or things that went wrong. End it in as humanly way as possible so that you both move on without having any guilt or anger for each other.

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#4 Times when you just want to stop an argument.

It is natural for two humans to have conflicting views on various issues and though you both accept this openly but sometimes when you don't see eye to eye over an issue and things get bitter when trying to prove your point, then trying stepping out for a moment. The stress and anger is eating you so probably don't want to let it take the peace away from your relationship. Now think wisely what you want to do next.

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#5 When your partner cooks a bad meal or gives a not-so-good gift.

Choose to be generous and wise here. These things should not matter much as after all it is the effort that counts, right?

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#6 When you don't have a good reason and you want to cancel a date.

There could be any reason why you are not the mood for a date night. But how to convey this without hurting your date's feelings? In this case, it is better to invent a credible reason to cancel the date, like having to stay late at work. Sometimes, especially in a new relationship, we need some space to deal with our own issues or time to relax and that’s totally ok.

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#7 When you are not sure of your partner's recent dressing choice or their new hairstyle.

Something is off about the clothes your partner is wearing today or you just don't like their new hairstyle? Either you can blurt the truth on their face and spoil their evening and embarrass them or just be over it already because it is not really a big deal.

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