8 Beautiful Beaches With Different Colored Sand That You Must See

Posted by Michael Avery in Nature and Travel On 16th March 2018

Who doesn't love going to the beach? Relaxing on the sand, enjoying the ocean breeze. It's the way that hundreds of thousands of people choose to spend their vacations every year. There are natural beaches and manmade beaches. You might think that the only color of sand you will find at a beach is beige but you couldn't be more wrong. There are all sorts of colored sands to be found at beaches around the globe.

#1 Black Sand, New Zealand’s Muriwai Beach

Muriwai beach in New Zealand is famous for its black sands. The sand was created by the volcanic forces that shaped the area. It's truly a beautiful place to visit.


#2 Orange Sand, Italy's Porto Ferro

This Sardinian beach in Italy is famous for its very orange sands. The sand draws it color from the crushed shells, orange-tinted limestone, and volcanic mineral deposits.

#3 White Sand, Australia's Hyams Beach

Hyams beach is the Guinness world record holder for having the whitest sand in the world. If you didn't know any better you might mistake the sparkling white sands for snow.


#4 Multiple Colors, Australia's Rainbow Beach

Australia's Rainbow Beach is home to magnificent multi-colored sands that give this place its name. 72 distinct colors have been noted at this wonderful tourist destination and the sunsets here are said to be spectacular.

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