8 Beauty Tips To Look Like You Are Not Tired

Posted by Muk Khatri in Health and Fitness

No sleep? No worries! Cheer up yourself all the time even when you haven’t had enough pillow time, just try these beauty tips to look like you are not tired.


#1 Tip To Cover Up Dull Skin

Dryness is the most common cause of dull skin. To cover up dull skin, take water in a bowl and put your face in it for 1-2 minutes. Now apply moisturizer cream after previous method. Attempt this method occasionally and get a brilliant skin.

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#2 Tip to Hide Dark Circles

Best way to cover up dark circle with makeup is orange color corrector, apply this to dark circle and then apply face powder on it. Now apply foundation to dark circles and let it sit for 5 minutes. Blend it well and conceal your dark circles.


#3 Tip To Hide Visible Veins

For hiding visible veins, just apply concealer that's the same color as your skin tone to your eyes.


#4 Tip For Glowing Eyes

Use white pencil rather than black pencil in your eyes. Apply highlighter to the edge of eyes and get glowy eyes.

#5 Tip For Perfect Lashes

We all strive for perfect lashes, so say goodbye to clumpy lashes and try this technique. Curl your lashes with eyelashes curler and after that apply mascara to it for perfect look.

#6 Tip For Perfect Lipstick

Every girl need perfect lipstick so apply highlighter to upper lip line and blend it well with your hands. Now apply bright lipstick for perfect lipstick.

#7 What About Your Hair?

First make a half up ponytail, now take hairspray on tooth brush and apply to hairs for fake facelift.

#8 Tip To Cure Puffy Eyes

Tired eyes? Just take 2 cold spoons and apply on eyes daily and cure puffy eyes.


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