8 Common Signs That Your Body Might Be Under Stress And Measures You Should Take To Improve Your Condition

Posted by Sama in Health and Fitness

We all have heard the phrase "You are what you eat," if understood the other way around you will also realize that not only the food we eat in our daily lives affect our bodies but also our daily life activities and actions play a major role on the physiology of the body. It is scientifically proven that your mood has direct effect on your body's physiology. If feeling down it will have negative effect on the physiology of the body and vice versa. Living busy lives we all have learnt to forget our health in the process and when we do realize, it is often too late. We are here to tell you some of the basic signs which show that your body might be under stress and what changes you need to make to improve overall health of the body.


#1 Unexplainable Weight Changes

It is often observed when under stress some people start eating more and they even observe weight gain. You know there is something wrong with your body when you experience unexplainable weight changes. Cortisol is a hormone that stabilizes body's fats, carbohydrates and blood sugar levels. Under stress, the body increases the production of cortisol. Increased production of the hormone makes your body more hungry and thus you will eat more and will produce less testosterone. As a result, your body will metabolize food slowly and ultimately you will gain weight.

So you need to calm down and if you don't want to gain weight you need to start living healthy as we all clearly know taking unwanted stress in life isn't going to solve any problems of your life so why add further problems to it.


#2 Skin Issues

If you are stressed out, the first organ to be affected will be your skin. Unwanted stress can increase chemical release in the body which will make your skin more sensitive and reactive. This may result in a number of conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema etc. Also, the stress will make it difficult to heal the skin.

What you can do is, sit back, take a deep breath and drink a big glass of water. You need to wash out all the stress from your body. Bonus point? Your skin will get clear and ultimately fresh and clear skin will make you feel better about yourself.


#3 Stomach Discomfort

You may find it strange upon hearing that when you take stress it directly affects your stomach and in worse cases also changes your bowel movements. Although stress does not cause any chronic stomach disease it can badly affect your digestion and can even cause constipation or diarrhoea.

We all know gastric discomfort can really be difficult to deal with it. So what you need to do is that apart from healthy eating habits you should exercise moderately, one which will help relax your body like yoga or perhaps a good walk in fresh air seems like a good idea.


#4 Concentration Problems

Emotional stress can be really burdening, it can make you feel down, giving you unwanted mood swings and often creates focusing issues making you lose track of your tasks, leaving you more and more frustrated.

Take a break. Gather your thoughts. Do whatever you need to do improve your concentration. Because next time you don't want people pointing out to you about your zoning out and lack of concentration problems.

#5 Most Common Symptom Of Stress Is Excessive Hairfall

Prolonged or extreme stress can lead to unwanted hair loss. Stress cause hair to break off easily and in worst case scenarios can leave bald patches if your stress also includes anxiety attacks.

Take a deep breath if you are worked up, let your body focus on getting better. Just think is there anything worth more than your beautiful hair. Excercise regularly, take a warm bath to massage and relax your muscles.


#6 Headaches Big Issue

Stress-related headaches could be very disturbing and painful. They not only disrupt your daily life activities but can also lead to chronic conditions. You cannot control daily life stress but you can definitely control it, especially if you are willing to live longer.


#7 Insomnia

Stress causes a condition called as hyperarousal, which creates an imbalance between sleep and wakefulness. This ultimately results in increased health risks and poor performance in daily life tasks.

This is a very important issue and you need to take it very seriously if you don't want to suffer health issues. You need to find some activity that relaxes you and try to practice it 15 minutes before your bedtime and try to relax your thoughts.


#8 Weakened Immune System And Increased Risk Of Chronic Diseases

We have discussed this before that negative thinking and stress can have unwanted effects on the body but do you know that long-term effect of stress is an unwell body and weaker immune system. Chronic release of cortisol for long period of time makes your body hypersensitive and increasing the risks of different diseases.

Stressing over life to the point that you make yourself ill is not a decision that any smart man will make. So get hold of yourself before another regret related to your health adds to your list and start living a healthy life from today for your better future.