8 Cool Gift Ideas For Horror Lovers...No. 3 is crazy!

By Samantha in Cool On 4th October 2015

#1 Totes 'n Tees

T-shirts, bags, totes, bed linen, etc., printed with horror movie posters, characters, or themes are great gifts and collectibles for movie buffs. Glow-in-the-dark prints are also available. To make this gift even more special, find a tee autographed by the actor(s).

#2 Edward Scissorhands Style

Creepy jewelry is a terror-rific idea. Unique photo bracelets and creepy cameos of famous scary scenes is just the beginning. You can always count on skull rings, earrings, pendants, and charmed bracelets of creepy crawlies. What can truly win you brownie points are replicas of tannis root pendants and armor rings.

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#3 Don't Turn On The Lights...

Give a true horror fan a hair-raising experience with scary lights. Glow-in-the-dark skulls, bones, dolls, skeletons, etc., will also do the trick. Multicolored string lights in zombie skulls, eyeballs, are all eye-catchy novelties to try.

#4 Date With Dr. Lecter

If you feel that you can't gift anything for the kitchen or bar. Skull shot glasses, skeleton hand mugs, and creepy blood-stained cereal bowls, and other such kitchenware are innovative gifts to consider. You can also find zombie gnomes, figurines, snow globes, cookie jars, movie-inspired bookends, etc.

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#5 Inspired By Psycho

Scary silhouettes, bloody hand prints, or gooey slime are not just must-have essentials of any horror movie. They also make cool gifts to give. Didn't quite understand it yet? Well, you are bound to find some unique decals, shower curtains, bloody bathroom mats, etc., to give that scary edge to the home decor.

#6 The Walls Will Come To Life

Another much-loved option for horror lovers is to gift them eerie art work. A framed vintage horror movie poster is a classic example. You might just be able to find some authentic ones in thrift or pawn stores, who knows you may find something more fascinating than what you were looking for.

#7 New Skins

Some more great gift options that really spell out one's love for horror movies are mobile skins (aka covers or sleeves), iPad sleeves, laptop cases, and bags with a favorite horror movie character, poster, or image. You can find several such items, some of which are embedded with rhinestones and silicon, to give your gift that extra oomph of eerie.

#8 Scary Coffee Mugs

These types of gifts are a great option.You can easily find it any gift shop or you can get one ordered and prepared with one of your friends favorite scary movie character.So if you are looking for something really super scary then this might be the one!