8 dangerous and notoriously fun TV drinking games

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 10th October 2013

#1: Law & Order- SVU

#2: The Bing Bang Theory

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#3: The Game of Thrones


#4: Breaking Bad

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#5: 2 Broke Girls

1) Drink each time Caroline is reminded that she's broke.

2) Drink when there is a sexual reference.

3) Drink once every time Caroline says the word "cupcake"

#6: New Girl

Take a drink:

Jess sings while speaking

Jess says something in a funny voice

Schmidt says something douche jar-worthy (i.e. talks about models, sex, wearing loafers).

Jess can't say a dirty word

Jess tries to apply kindergarten teaching methods to adult life

They're hanging out in their weird locker room-style bathroom

It's cupcake time!

Winston reminisces about his Eastern European basketball days

Nick gets pissed at Jess: "Jess, you can't just do that!" Ohhh, Jess!

To quirky props

Take a shot:

To deal with that theme song


Ugh, Caroline is back


When Jess and Nick finally hook-up.


#7: The Walking Dead

#8: One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill drinking game

Drink when :

Lucas squints

Brooke yells at/goes off on someone

Peyton cries

Nathan is mean to someone

Skills says, "Dawg"

Nathan and/or Haley say, "Always and forever"

Rachel kisses someone

Lucas has a voiceover at the beginning of end of an episode, from Seasons 1-6

Dan shows up unwanted

Any reference to the school shooting during Seasons 4-9

The cast goes on a trip anywhere

Mark Schwan makes an appearance

When someone is referred to by their full name, ex: "James Lucas Scott", "Brooke Penelope Davis", etc.

Ravens win a basketball game

Haley sings

A band or artist performs at TRIC other than Haley

Someone appears on the show playing themselves ex: Gavin Degraw, Nick Lachey, Pete Wentz, etc

Someone is on the roof of Karen's cafe/COB

Peyton tells Lucas, "You're always saving me"

Clay makes fun of Quinn for being "long" or having "big feet", etc.

Victoria is a bitch

A parent misses an important event for whatever reason. Ex: Deb being in rehab, Karen in the hospital, Dan in jail, etc.

Someone takes drugs (Peyton, Deb, Rachel, etc)

A character visits the cemetery

Mouth reports

Someone calls Mouth "Marvin"

Millie takes a shot for Alex

Chris Keller calls himself "Chris Keller"

Anytime you see Lucas' book in the background or someone talks about it (Seasons 5-9)

Lucas says, "Pretty girl"

Someones says, "People always leave"

Whitey talks about Camilla

References to Haley's rock tour, Seasons 4-9

Someone gets slapped

References to the state championship Dan refused to play in

A character references the CW or WB or any other show from those networks

The theme songs plays or is performed

There's a party (Season 1-4)

Sunkist makes an appearance

Chase makes a bad drink

Someone makes fun of Chase for being a clean teen

Someone goes to the Rivercourt

Bevin says something stupid

Brooke or Peyton call each other "B. Davis" or "P. Sawyer"

There's a flashback to high school in Seasons 5-9

Quinn calls Clay "Sergio" or some other nickname

There's a reference to "The Scott Brothers" or "The James Girls"

Someone, like Lucas, quotes a famous person

A family member we've never met shows up out of the blue

Someone mentions Jimmy Edwards after Season 3

Someone calls Millie "Millicent"

There's a flashback to Dan killing Keith

Quinn is taking pictures

Alex is unprofessional

Clay is running on the beach

Jamie and Madison have a scene together

Someone gets "Chucked"

You see Nathan's scar on his chest

You see Lucas' tattoo

You see Haley's tattoo or it's mentioned

That picture of Lucas and Keith when Lucas was little shows up

Peyton's dad shows up

Clay makes notes on a voice recorder

Nathan and Clay have a bromance moment

Mouth goes on a rant

Chester is out of his cage

There's a scene by or in Nathan and Haley's pool

Someone says "Naley"

Brooke calls someone "boyfriend"

Julian quotes a movie

Julian high fives someone

Brooke and Julian have a fight or have problems

Peyton is drawing

Jamie draws a picture

Jamie gives an adult advice

Lucas says something about Peyton's chicken legs

Sam gets in trouble by Brooke