8 Secret Android Functions 90% Of Users Don’t Know About

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology On 21st February 2017

Every person has a smartphone in their pocket. However, there are many people who don't know about all the incredible things these Android phones are actually capable of.

Let's take a look at these amazing secret android features.

#1 Screen magnifier

People with poor eyesight often have no idea how much this feature can help them. Just go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Magnification gestures. Then you’ll be able to zoom in on any part of the display just by tapping it.


#2 Control your smartphone with head movements

There are many situations when you want to use your gadget without using hands. However, there’s a solution for this! After installing a free app called EVA Facial Mouse you’ll be able to control your Android device with movements of your head!

#3 A secret game

Google puts a small secret present for users into all their devices. First, go to Settings and choose About phone or About tablet. Quickly tap Android version several times, and when a small marshmallow shows up on the screen, quickly tap it again, and a special mini-game will open.


#4 The easiest way to save your battery power

If you choose a black or a simple dark background for your screen, the automatic pixel highlighting will turn off, and you’ll notice that your device keeps its charge for much longer.

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