8 Things Parents Should Be Doing For Their Kids So That They Grow Up As Strong Individuals

Posted by Sama in Life Style On 25th February 2018

Parenting never comes easy. It brings out an emotional side in you, you never knew that existed. But at the same time, it comes with a lot of responsibility. You are responsible for the upbringing of a child who in the next few years will be an individual who will play his own role in the society. Now if that role is positive or negative, it all depends on the teachings and lessons you give to your little one today. It is for you to bring out a confident, kind and loving person in your child or let your child live his life in shadows forever. We have come up with a list of things that being a parent you should be doing for your kid but you are often told otherwise.


#1 Be Their Friend

You are the first real adult your child comes across in his life while growing up. You are the role model that he looks up to and unconsciously starts following your footsteps to become a person like you one day. What can you do about this? Obviously, befriend your child. Your kid literally worships the ground you walk on. So becoming their friend is the easiest way to teach them life lessons and to give them the confidence for life.


#2 Be More Encouraging And Less Criticising

Becoming a parent is easy. But bringing up a child who is equipped with all life hacks to live by is super difficult. One of the most difficult thing that parents come across is to be able to give confidence to their child to deal life on their own and bring them out of their comfort zone. You don't know that your constant criticism is putting down your child to the point that it will demoralize them, damaging their self-esteem to a dangerous level and this is how they will live their life forever, not confident enough to trust their own decisions and forever living in the shadows. So next time you criticise your child over his little mistake, think of all the damage you will do.


#3 Spend Quality Time With Your Kid

Everyone wants some peaceful time for themselves, where they want to relax without any disturbances. But do you know your child is craving for your presence? The time you spend with him today is developing a deep bond of affection and love between you two. This, in turn, makes your child more loving and kind towards others, teaching him to be more accepting towards others. So next time you ignore your kid for that little peaceful time of yours, think of all the benefit your kid can have, with a little more attention from you.

#4 Teach More With Actions And With Fewer Words

A growing child is very sensitive. He is learning about the world and the first-hand information he is getting is from you. So all your actions are quietly observed by your kid and silently your little one is taking up all your habits. So if you want to teach him a lesson, teach him more with action because this is what he would be implementing in his life consciously or unconsciously.

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