9 Bad Things You Should Not Do At A Restaurant

Posted by Muk Khatri in Life Style On 16th May 2018

Eating out is intended to be a fun and lovely experience. If only the dining public could be conscious to these late-night complaining sessions—we just might change our way of living and avoid such things which are discussed below.


#1 Coming In Right Before Closing Time

We have all spent time debating on where to go eat with friends at night. First check each restaurant's hours. Just because it closes at 9pm doesn't mean the staff wants a party of 12 people walking in at 8:45pm.

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#2 "Please Wait To Be Seated" Is Not A Suggestion

The host chooses the most efficient place to put each guest, depending on how busy each server is. Just because you want a view of your car in the parking lot, doesn't mean you can just snag a seat near the window when no one is looking.


#3 Snapping Or Whistling For Attention

If you want the attention of your server, there are many ways to get it. What you shouldn't do is, snap, clap, shout, yell, "hey", or even worse - whistle. Servers have a lot going on, so be patient while they work their way over to you.


#4 Being Glued To Your Phone

We all stare at our phones out of habit, we get it, and your waiter's not judging you for being a part of the masses, but what really grinds their gears is when you don't put your damn phone down when it's time to have your order taken.

#5 Hitting On Them The Entire Time

Just because you think your waiter or waitress is, "into you," chances are, they probably aren't. If you try to give or get a number from them, it's even more awkward since their job is to basically be nice to you. Don't push your luck.

#6 Treating The Bathroom Like Trash

We all know that feeling when someone walks into our bathroom at home, before we've had a chance to clean up. So, with that in mind , you should always treat restaurant restrooms as your own.

#7 Don't Pretend To be Allergic To Food

Servers already need to be mindful of food allergies. Don't pretend to be allergic to certain foods you don't like, so spare them the emotional testimony about how you can't eat gluten, after eating bread and butter before your meal.

#8 Don't Split The Bill 100 Ways After It's Delivered

We all love to order a ton of food so we can try everything, then equally split the bill. However, make sure your server is aware of that prior to ordering. There's nothing worse than trying to divide a 50 item bill 17 ways.


#9 Leaving A Crappy Tip

Please don't leave your loose change on the table and think that's an appropriate way to tip. And while we're on the subject of tipping, 20% for exceptional service is industry standard, not the spare change in your pocket.