9 Of The Most Hilariously Inappropriate Outfits Students Wore To High School In Teen Movies.

By Michael Avery in Funny On 4th September 2015

#1 Amber's dollar sign sailor cap and matching blazer in Clueless

She looks like she should be reporting for duty as a rich boat captain instead of sitting in a boring classroom, but she's definitely not wearing the same outfit as anyone else.

#2 Laney Bogg's paint-splattered smock in She's All That

This young woman is so into her art that she is legit covered in paint, wearing a smock, and carrying around multiple canvases during the school day. Do you!

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#3 Kathryn's cocaine-filled cross in Cruel Intentions

It looks on-theme with the rest of her Catholic school uniform, but it's definitely not. She made it her own.

#4 The Plastics' talent show outfits in Mean Girls

Your antiquated dress codes have no bearing on talent show costumes. Check the handbook.

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#5 Olive's scarlet letter in Easy A

Her clothes serve as a feminist literary rebellion, so you know she did the homework.

#6 Mandella's Shakespearean dress in 10 Things I Hate About You

Girl's so obsessed with Shakespeare that she dresses like it's the 1600s. Unlike most high school kids, who dress like it's the 1990s.

#7 The Heathers' blazers in Heathers

Maybe this is just what was up in the eighties, but it's pretty powerful to come to homeroom dressed like a quirky COO instead of a child with no money or authority.

#8 Josie's first-day-of-school outfit in Never Been Kissed

When you pretend to be a teenager, you go all out. And that's speaking from experience.

#9 Everything Cher wears in Clueless

From her spaghetti strap gym uniform to her mini skirt suits, Cher has a computerized closet's worth full of not giving a fuck.