9 People Who Are Not Afraid Of Dangerous Animals

Posted by Michael Avery in Bizarre On 13th March 2018

Nature is full of dangerous animals that are more than a match for any unarmed human. In this gallery, you are going to see a small selection of people who just don't fear these potentially deadly creatures like any sane human being would.


#1 False advertising.

Polar Bears are not all cute and cuddly like the media portrays them. They are ferocious hunters and as dangerous as they come in the wild. This guy is nuts for taking his chances with one even in captivity.


#2 Let's take a swim.

This dude is downright crazy. How can you trust a lion to not eat you? I know they are really just big kitty cats but they are still apex predators. Man...


#3 Trust in me.

This kid has some kind of trust in this giant Burmese python. I would be terrified that it was gonna eat me. I mean look at the thing. It's bigger than most people. No thanks.

#4 Here kitty, kitty.

While you sit and home enjoying your domestic short hair this family is enjoying life with their pet tiger. I couldn't do it. I would be too worried that it was going to eat me at night.


#5 What a crock!

These people are nuts. You know the ones that place their heads in a crocodiles mouth? Yeah, those crazy folks. There is no way I would ever place my head in there. Afterall, they do have the strongest bite there is.

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