90s Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Smokin’ Hot Today

Posted by Michael Avery in Entertainment

Child actresses of the 90’s. Yes, they were adorable. You watched them in movies and in sitcoms. You might remember them from some of your favorite shows, such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or The Nanny. Or perhaps from movies like Casper. The 90’s were a pivotal decade for many things, but especially when it came to child stars. There were so many movies, sitcoms, and children who acted in them that it’s impossible to remember them all. You see, the number of people who grew up watching cable rose dramatically over the 90’s and it reached a peak in the early 2000’s, which then began to decline as the ever so popular Internet began to take over. In effect, it led to an even wider array of child stars, but what happened to that steady surge of child stars from the 90’s?

A few of them have moved on to lead ordinary lives, although the majority are mostly still acting. In fact, they are doing it right before your very eyes. You’ve seen them in more mature roles. Kind of like when you first saw Black Snake Moan, and were all like…”Whoa! Wasn’t that the little girl from The Addams Family?” However, you couldn’t place her as Christina Ricci at first because she was all grown up and super hot. Maybe not in that movie exactly but, well…do you get what I’m saying? She’s only one out of many. Here you’ll see 90’s child stars that you might have forgotten all about. Plus, we’re here to fill you in on what they’ve been up to for the last couple decades. Here are 15 90s Child Stars Who Grew Up to Be Smokin’ Hot Today.


15. Tiffany & Krystle Mataras

That’s Tiffany and Krystal Matara that you see above, and boy are they hot now. Their most famous childhood line was in Kindergarten Cop, when they respond “our dad is a real sex machine”, to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic question on what their parents do for a living.”

That was it for a while from these double-dreamy, thought-provoking queens. I regret to say that they have moved out of the spotlight, but not before making a couple of stops as guests on shows and a couple of movies, of course. They even made a stop on the The Dog Whisperer, where they tried to get help for their biting pooch. Hey, I would’ve helped these lovely ladies, had they only asked. Although, I’m no dog whisperer. Hell, I’m not even a vet. Tiffany and Krystal were last seen on 100,000 Zombie Heads.


14. Madeline Zima

Seriously, Madeline Zima? How do you go from being the cute little girl in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle to Mia on Californication? Mia was only sixteen, but Madeline was about 20. She had a fling with Hank Moody, which was so wild that it inspired him to write a book entitled Ducking & Punching (not really, but I’m sure that you can guess the true title). Mia was a very naughty way to introduce the all-grown-up version of Madeline, who you might also recognize as Grace Sheffield, from The Nanny.

I know, right? I probably just ruined your thoughts or at least made you blush. Madeline played her as a young girl, too. That was probably her biggest and most memorable role, considering the show’s lifetime spanned over 6 years. She has shown up in various other shows, such as The Vampire Diaries, Heroes, and Grey’s Anatomy. However, none of those roles brought her nearly as much grief as the world’s reaction to little Grace Sheffield acting as smokin’ hot Mia, though.


13. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci was one of the it-girls of the 90’s. Really, she should be called the it-girl of the past couple decades. Christina doesn’t get near as much attention as she should. Just take a look at her career. Her first huge role was as Cher’s youngest daughter, Kate, in Mermaids. Then there were The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values, in which she acted as Wednesday Addams. Okay, let’s move on to the mid-90’s, when she was acting as Kat in Casper, and still the hits just kept coming.

However, the real shocker came when she dropped all that weight and got all crazy-dirty as Rae Doole in Black Snake Moan. The list goes on, and on. She has rarely skipped a year without some sort of movie role, ever since she began acting in 1990. No role is ever too big for this star and this is why we still see so much of her today, even if she is mostly on Lifetime Originals like Lizzie Borden Took an Axe. Aside from that, she is smokin’ hot!


12. Alisan Porter

Have you ever seen the 1991 hit Curly Sue? If so, you probably thought the little girl who starred as her with Jim Belushi was destined for greatness. This was no small role, either. Curly Sue was a homeless, orphaned, child con-artist. This was a massive role for a child, but Alisan Porter pulled it off perfectly, and got a Young Artist Award in 2013 for playing the role. Afterwards, it was as if she disappeared. In a way she kind of did, but not as completely as you might have thought.

Alisan was off reinventing herself. Sure, she popped up in a little role here and there, but her next big role wasn’t until she was all grown up and super sexy. Plus, she was neither a child star nor an actress anymore. She was the Season 10 Winner of The Voice, just last year. Yep! Apparently, acting was never her thing. She was so happy to shed her Curly Sue skin and we were happy to see her grow out of it. All she ever wanted to do was sing, which is totally fine with us.


11. Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin, Jodie Sweetin… The name sounds familiar and she looks a bit familiar too, doesn’t she? This is probably because you’re looking at Stephanie Tanner, the awkward middle child from Full House. Of course, you probably caught on to who she was if you watch Netflix, but only if you’re into family sitcoms. Evidently, Netflix thought it’d be a great idea to revive Full House. Now it’s called Fuller House. Plus, the kids from the original have all grown up and already have kids of their own.

Yep, Jodie is now a grown-up. That’s for sure. It was already evident that DJ was going to turn out hot even before the show ended. But, we never really got to see what Stephanie was going to turn out like. Did you expect her to look this good as an adult? When I was younger she always reminded me of a duck, although I have no clue why I thought about her looking like one. Sorry, Steph. My bad. I really had no clue. The photo above was from last year when she was on Dancing with the Stars.


10. Mackenzie Rosman

Little Ruthie Camden was the baby on 7th Heaven for years. The show came out in the mid-90’s, when she was only six. Mackenzie Rosman was adorable and she always had a cute line to go along with that happy-go-lucky, yet slightly guilty grin. Sort of like the one she’s giving in her all-grown-up photoshoot for Maxim, which you see above. This shoot came as a shock for many fans of the show, but Mackenzie was 24.

Sounds pretty lame, don’t you think? Who’s to say a 90’s child star cannot grow up and be hot. Mackenzie was all grown up and had every right to pose for Maxim if that’s what she chose to do, but then again that was before secrets were spilled about other cast members, which probably made her haters feel pretty dumb. Meanwhile, Mackenzie still pops up in movies every now and then. Her last major role was on Ghost Shark back in 2013. By the way, she’s still super hot. Just check out her Instagram. I’m sure you’ll agree.


9. Tatyana Ali

Ashley Banks… Surely you remember Will Smith’s youngest cousin on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? She grew up to be seriously sexy. Yes sir, that’s her, Tatyana Ali, you see above. Make sure you look up and not just down because she is a real beauty, from head to toe. She was the least annoying of his cousins. She was already crush material during the last couple of seasons, but then the show ended, you grew up, and found a real-life person for your next crush.

Anyways, Tatyana went on to dabble in music for a while. She even popped up on Will Smith‘s song, “Who Am I”, with MC Lyte. Then, there were a few movies, TV shows, and even a soap opera. She was actually on The Young and the Restless, as Roxanne for about six years. One thing’s for sure, and that’s that she’s gotten even hotter. What do you think? Maybe I’m just biased because I’m obviously a big fan.


8. Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel was a real stunner as Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World. Who knew she’d grow up to be even hotter than she was back then. When Boy Meets World first aired, Daniel was only 12. But by the time it wrapped up, she was nearly 20. Any boy would’ve loved to be in Cory’s place. Topanga started off cute, but as she got older, she blossomed in all the right places. It wasn’t long before she became every teenage boy’s dream girl.

Danielle went on to do a few movies. National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze and its sequel were both good ones. I guess you could say that she easily advanced into the sexy college movie category. As an adult, Danielle joined Ben Savage as parents in the Boy Meets World spin-off called Girl Meets World, where they were still married and had a daughter. She went from being a teenage dream girl of the 90’s, to being one of the hottest Disney moms on the planet.

7. Rachael Leigh Cook

Rachael Lee Cook starred in The Babysitters Club in the 90’s. I think we all got played when Laney Boggs was selected as Freddie Prinze Jr.‘s Cinderella project in She’s All That (1999). Rachel Lee Cook was never ugly at all. In fact, she was just a beautiful diamond in the rough, disguised. Did you know that she was already famous long before that pivotal role? Apparently, it was Rachael who smashed up the kitchen with a frying pan in ’98, while explaining the awful things caused by drugs in your life. That was back when they had those “this-is-your-brain-on-drugs” commercials. Sort of similar to the approach being taken with cigarettes nearly 20 years later.

Since then, Rachael has starred in several other movies. Most have been Indie, although mainly by choice. It’s too bad really, because she is someone who we’d love to see more of. She’s still gorgeous, as seen above. Aside from that, she’s also a voice actor for video games like Final Fantasy, and TV shows like Robot Chicken.


6. Tina Marie Majorino

Tina Marie Majorino probably has one of those faces that makes you think “hmm…I believe I’ve seen her somewhere”, but you just can’t put your finger on it. Maybe it’s because Tina wasn’t really on any kid shows or movies. She usually played in movies that you would end up watching with your mom. In fact, she was on Grey’s Anatomy for an entire season and I never guessed it myself.

Tina Majorino was the little girl who played Molly Singer, in the movie Corrina, Corrina, and she was in When a Man Loves a Woman before that. That was back in the early to mid 90’s and she had one of the most memorable, cute faces. Now, she’s all grown up and smokin’ hot! Just look at those baby blue eyes. They almost draw you in, don’t they? It’s too bad they killed her off on Grey’s, but she did move on to Legends, which ended after only one season.

5. Kellie Shanygne Williams

If you have kept up with the cast of Family Matters, then you not only recognize that this is an all grown up Laura Winslow, but you also know that this picture isn’t exactly up-to-date. This is actually a photo of when Kellie Shanygne Williams was still smokin’ hot. It’s from about 5-6 years ago, which isn’t an incredibly long time. However, she popped back up last year with a totally new style, that had many of her Twitter followers comparing her to a preacher’s wife. Plus, she gained a little weight, but she’s still a beauty.

This doesn’t change the fact that she was once a 90’s child star who you were crushing on. You’ve got to admit that at first, Urkel was so geeky that it would’ve been hard to be envious of him, but Stefan had the entire package. He was charming, smooth, and could make Laura swoon. Everything all boys that age wanted to be and more.


4. Reese Witherspoon

Do we really need to give this lovely, super hot actress an introduction? Reese Witherspoon has been invading the movies you watch for decades, with her girl-next-door charm and those sexy lips. It’s almost easy to forget that she was a child star from the 90’s. She acted as the younger sister, Dani, in The Man in the Moon, and she later caught another big one with Pleasantville.

Then she went on to spice things up in movies such as Cruel Intentions. What about that hypnotizing roller coaster ride? The one when she acted as Nicole Walker, in Fear. I bet we all spent time fantasizing about that one. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, just Google it. I assure you it’s totally worth it. As for Reese, she still picks up a ton of great leads today.


3. Taylor Momsen

We’re leaning into the late 90’s for this one, but you’ll never guess who this smokin’ hot lady is. It’s Cindy Lou Who, from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Yeah, what a shocker! She was also cast in The Prophet’s Game in ’99. Her name is Taylor Momsen and she’s way past her Cindy Lou Who days. She was also raised Catholic, as if that makes things any better.

Taylor spent the majority of her childhood acting and modeling. She acted as Jenny in Gossip Girl as a teen, but later claimed that she didn’t enjoy growing up acting as a child. She was simply raised doing it. Once she reached the age of 16, which isn’t actually that old, she split from acting. Instead, she focused her energy on The Pretty Reckless, which is the name of her band. They’ve set a few records like first band to female-fronted band to reach #1 on the rock radio charts. Cindy Lou Who might not have grown up quite as expected, but she’s definitely hot AF, in her very own league. Rock on Taylor, rock on!

2. Jurnee Smollett

This lady is a hot one, but also a tough one. Her name is Jurnee Smollett and her major child role was as Jordee Jerrico on a show called On Our Own. It premiered in ’94, but didn’t last past halfway through the second season. However, that didn’t stop Jurnee from succeeding. She received a Critic’s Choice Award for Eve’s Bayou, just two short years later.

Since growing up, Jurnee is as pretty as ever. She has a gorgeous smile and eyes that laugh along with it. Beautiful lips and legs. There’s no need to look far if you want to catch Jurnee Smollett-Bell these days. Just check her out on one of her more recent movies. She was in Hands of Stone and One Last Thing, or you could always reflect back and watch Gridiron Gang. She is also starring as Rosalee on the series Underground.

1. Danielle Harris

This sexy face could easily be recognized, with just a little memory jog about a little girl named Jamie Lloyd. She had a sweet face back then, but it was often tensed up with great acting skills selling fear. Danielle Harris was playing none other than the Jamie Lloyd. She was Laurie Strode’s daughter, following her death in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5. You might be thinking that that was before the 90’s, but she also played Mellisa Crandell in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead which was in 1991 and Free Willy in ’93.

In fact, this hot stunner has continued acting for all of these years. Danielle Harris did more than take over Halloween for Jamie Lee Curtis. She actually became the more modern scream queen. You might remember seeing her in all three of the Hatchet films. She even returned for Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboots, and that was also when she did her first nude seen.