90s Nostalgia That Will Make You Miss Your Dial Up Internet... Not Really

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in History

If you were born in the mid to late 80s, you were definitely a 90s kid. We survived a time where dial up internet was king, we raised baby Tamagotchis between classes and were one of the first people to try out roller blades. We remember tearing up our feet with jelly shoes, holding the Skip-It jump record, and trying record our favorite songs from the radio without getting any of that DJ talk. We rocked banana clips in our hair, JNCO jeans on our arses, and loved our CK One. So sit back and relax and enjoy the ride as we bring you through this blast from our 90s past...



Who remembers this fortune telling game? MASH not only showed who you were marrying whether it be your crush or favorite actor but what kind of life you will live as well?



If you did not have this art kit, you were not a kid from the 90s.



This is where graphic designers life began...scary right? It sure isn't the Adobe Creative Suite.



I remember doodling this S design all over my binders and notebooks. It is a font now, time to get your groove back...


You just knew this was going to be the best gym class ever when the parachute came out.



We definitely remember taking "Playing doctor" to a whole new level with this kit.



This was our form of text messaging back in the day. Do you still remember how to fold these?



Remember being deep in a conversation in some chat room only to be interrupted by a telemarketer calling the house? Call waiting was a buzzkill to our dial up connection.



Daria's life is what we aimed for when we hit high school.



Only to be compared to the life these guys had in high school. This was every 90s kid's favorite show.



This stuff wreaked so bad...they should have named it Gag instead.


If you did not have a ton of these in your hair, you just were not cool enough.



If you could see your feet under these pants, you were doing it wrong. It was a must that the bottom hem of these jeans be totally frayed and falling apart.


This was your first love.


If you have to ask who Mr. Boombastic is, then you ain't a 90s kid



These two were the masters of comedy in our eyes.