94-Year-Old Grandma’s Favorite Band Sings At Her Bedside Since She Can No Longer Attend Their Concerts

By Haider Ali in Feel Good On 4th January 2023

Missing her favorite band

Franca loves music a lot. She knows that music is timeless, thus one may assume that she likes music. Maybe every time she hears one of her favorite songs, she is transported to another world that is much more wonderful and enchanting than the one we are in right now.

Cosimo and the Hot Coals, a Milan-based band that plays a wide variety of Hot Jazz songs, is Franca's favorite band and she really enjoys listening to them. The five-person band performs at swing dance events, jazz clubs, and festivals in Italy and other countries.

Source: instagram.com/cosimoandthehotcoals

Franca enjoyed seeing her lovely grandson play the drums

There was a time when Franca enjoyed nothing more than going to see Cosimo and the Hot Coals perform live and having a great time. But as time passed, her health started to deteriorate, and soon she was unable to get out of bed.

Franca missed many aspects of her life, but missing her favorite group made her feel even more empty.

When Cosimo and the Hot Coals heard about her circumstances, they made the decision to take action.

Source: instagram.com/cosimoandthehotcoals
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What a surprise

The band came up with a brilliant strategy after realizing that their devoted fan could no longer attend their live performances. Franca had an incredible live performance from the five-piece Italian group when they serenaded her at home.

Scoop Worthy claimed that the band members would occasionally visit her home and play in her bedroom. And every time Franca saw one of her favorite musicians perform, she was overwhelmed with emotion beyond words.

Source: instagram.com/cosimoandthehotcoals

Catching the live action

Cosimo and the Hot Coals recorded brief videos from their performances and uploaded them to Instagram and TikTok in order to share her priceless reaction with the world. The first segment of the video was released on September 17, 2022. Before Franca's bed, the band performed in the video while singing and playing music. The text inlay read:

"A 94 yo girl loves us so much. She'd like to attend our live shows but she is no longer able to (sic)."

Source: instagram.com/cosimoandthehotcoals
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Too many emotions

In the video, Franca watched her favorite band perform while lying in bed. According to the text inlay, "That's why occasionally we just stop by to play a song for her, and every single time her reaction is priceless [sic]." The old person was heard shouting "No," "Too Good," and "Baletto" repeatedly throughout the video.

Franca has another reason to appreciate the band besides the fact that it's her favorite. Michele Capasso, the drummer for the band, is descended from her. Franca takes pleasure in seeing her adorable grandson play the drums.

Priceless reaction

Franca was moved to tears as the five young men gave her an exceptional performance. The caption of the video reads in part:

"Serenade for Nonna Franca. Some time ago we visited Michele's grandmother, grandmother Franca. Her reaction was priceless and reminded of us the real reason why we love making music so much."

But it didn't end there. The group also distributed a second segment of the video that captured Franca's heartbreaking response. The inlay text said, "This is probably the best thing you'll see today. Her feet tapped to the beat. She is truly amazed. Literally crying (sic)."

The online reaction

Many online users were touched by Franca's heartwarming response and expressed their feelings in the comment section. Let's take a look at a few of them:

One said: "God bless these men and God Bless grandma (sic)."

Another one said: "I'm not crying! You're crying!"

A third person said: "She is remembering the good fun times of years ago. God bless her AND you guys, too (sic)…"

The fourth person said: "This is the most touching scene. Mille Grazie for sharing this special moment (sic)."