A 1958 McCall's Magazine Details 129 Ways To Get A Husband, And It Does Not Disappoint

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 24th April 2020

McCall's magazine first came out in 1873 and released their final issue in 2002. It had a good run, but the digital age was advancing and less and less people were buying magazines. Sure, there are still plenty of magazines out there, but most of them are rags or gossip mags. As you look at the magazines at checkout, one trend that you will see is dating and relationship advice in just about any of them. However, none of them give advice in the amount of detail and specificity that this 1958 McCall's magazine doled out. It is some of the most relatable and practical advice that you can still easily implement today. Plus, some of it is just crazy-funny while making you realize how people used to think about relationships back in the day.

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