A Bunch Of Diva Cup 'Virgins' Tried Out Shoving A Silicone Cup Inside Themselves For The First Time. The Results Were A Bit Shocking

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 5th October 2015


Periods are really taking the spotlight in the news lately, but most ladies don't want their period to be drawing attention on a daily basis. The Diva Cup is a relatively new invention from 2002 and the gospel has been spreading. Basically, it's a soft cup you can insert inside yourself during your period. It catches your blood, then can be washed and reused. You save money and produce less waste. But some people still get icked out by the idea of seeing all their uterine lining in something resembling a goblet. In this video, we get to see some ladies who have never had that privilege try a Diva Cup for the first time, with mixed results:


The biggest struggle for most of them seems to be getting the thing in, but once it's there, a Diva Cup is like carrying around a little secret all to yourself! Unless it leaks...We will say (we who have our periods in this office) that the usefulness of a Diva Cup correlates strongly to how heavy your flow is, and how much access you have to a private sink throughout the day. As one of these ladies says, "I'm out of panty liners, so the stakes are high."

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