A Canadian Couple Contracts Hookworms After Walking Barefoot On The Beach

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Health and Fitness On 29th January 2018

A Canadian couple said they contracted parasitic hookworms in their feet after walking barefoot on a Dominican Republic beach.


Young Canadian couples are warning vacationers not to get the 'sand between your toes' after picking up some nasty parasites.

Katie Stephens, 22, of Ontario, told CTV News that while staying at the IFA Villas Bavaro Resort in Punta Cana, she and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Eddie Zytner, "found that we were scratching our feet quite a bit."


Initially, they thought it was caused by sand fleas.

However, when they got back from the trip, their feet began to swell.

Stephens wrote on Facebook that the couple "simply thought it was just bug bites and it became worse as each day passed."

The couple decided to seek medical attention for their malady.

The first two doctors who were tasked with treating them was left stumped.


Luckily, a third doctor was able to diagnose their condition, having seen similar symptoms from a tourist who recently traveled to Thailand.

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