A Couple Has Become An Online Sensation After Sharing That They've Been Saying Their Son's Name Wrong For Years

Posted by Abdul Rafay in Bizarre On 28th December 2020

A couple who choose their son's Irish name has learned recently that they have been pronouncing it incorrectly for the last four years and have not taken the news well. She was really upset and shared her feelings with the people on the Internet. Many people supported her claiming that it is not her mistake and she should not be ashamed of it.


A female expressed her feelings online

After creating some kind of a stir in her relatives, a female expressed her sadness online, repeatedly telling them they had pronounced the name of their son inaccurate for years.

You know, the son has an Irish name, and if you're not acquainted, it's fairly easy to get messed up in accents.

For someone who is not proficient, it may be a sometimes disconcerting tongue, but it does generate some nice titles. This pair, though, definitely ought to have done a little more analysis.

The 23-year-old woman from Ireland took to the 'Am I The A**hole' page on Reddit to describe her dilemma.

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They have been saying 'oy sin' rather than declaring it 'oh sheen'

She described how her uncle and aunt lived in Ireland, but when their son Liam attended college there, they immigrated. Now, Liam has his four-year-old son, named Oisin.

They have been saying 'oy sin' rather than declaring it 'oh sheen' as it is meant to be, just like the famous Chinese sauce hoisin.

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The woman explained her story on social media

Oh, dear.

The woman explained: "Liam grew up in England, married an English girl, and had a son, who's four. For the sake of this post let's say they named him 'Oisin', which is an Irish name that is meant to be pronounced like 'oh sheen', in accordance with the old Gaelic tradition of nothing being pronounced like it's spelt.

"I am in England right now at university. I also have a son, who is three. Liam and I are within about an hour of each other and we had always meant to meet up. Liam suggested that yesterday, on Christmas, when he and his wife take Oisin to the park, that my son and I come and meet them.

"I had met Liam before when we were kids and teens (just a few times), but since Oisin was born we had only texted, so I had never heard Liam pronounce Oisin's name. We went to the park, we met up with them, and I said 'this must be Oisin'.

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She was really heartbroken while discussing her story

"Liam asked why I said it like that. I asked what he meant. He said it's pronounced like 'oi sin'. Like hoisin sauce without the h. I tried to move past it, introduced my son, sent the boys off to play."

She continued: "Liam's wife asked about my son's name (also very Irish) and I told her. Liam joked that with all I know about Irish names, it was shocking that I'd mispronounced his son's name so badly. I said something like 'I'm not the one mispronouncing it'."

Then, she received a call from the mom and dad of Liam.

The post explained: "I said it's really not. They said they were in Ireland until they were 18, so there's no way they could be saying it wrong.

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Many commented on social media in her favour claiming that it is not her fault

"During this conversation, I also got a message from Liam saying I'd really upset his wife because she's now convinced that they've been calling their son the wrong name his entire life and that she loved his name before she met me."

Dozens of feedback were generated in the post, with some pointed out that parents should almost name their kid anything they want, while some said it's not their mistake that they were expressing it wrong.

One person said: "Irish is an entirely separate language with completely different rules to English. I don't understand why that is so hard for people to grasp.

"If people are going to use our language and culture they could at least have the decency to learn how to say it."



She was very much upset and said that she felt insulted

Another said: "It's not 'corrected' if you've never heard your name pronounced that way. It's what he's been called his entire life, that's all that matters in a name."

"However, OP is not the a**hole for correcting them when they tried to suggest she was pronouncing it wrong, she was willing to let it go until they insulted her.

"And now the cousin's wife is upset because she doesn't think her child's name is his name anymore? Get over yourself, your child's name is independent of your past. You've been calling him by his name his entire life."

But whatever case, in the future, Christmas parties will be more uncomfortable.