A Doctor Finally Tells Us The Reason Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?

Posted by Sama in Health and Fitness

Out of all the injuries, one pain that is often underrated is the pain of papercut. That sharp excruciating pain that one feels with sudden paper cut and for that one moment it awakes all your other senses making you more aware of your pain and feeling irritability over this unwanted pain. A doctor here is here to explain to you the reason why paper cuts hurt so much and the emotions that you go through are common responses to such unintentional injuries.



If asked from the general public, people will usually say paper cuts hurt so much probably because they always happen unexpectedly and suddenly. One major reason why such a small injury hurts like hell is because we are caught off guard. Imagine doing an important task in your office and handling important matters and suddenly you get a paper cut, that sharp bending pain that suddenly makes you conscious of your surrounding. With the sharp pure pain, in that one specific moment you pray to God over it but it has happened and your finger is bleeding and it needs tending.

There is a physical reason why paper cuts hurt so much. Typically paper cuts occur at the most sensitive part of the body such as the finger, lips, or tongue. The nerve networks of these body parts can discriminate with exceptional clarity and specificity, sensations of pressure, heat, cold, and injury.



Because of these especially sensitive areas, our brain has specialized areas to receive signals from such areas in a high definition. The sole reason why our lips, tongue, and skin is able to feel so much and also the reason why injuries in these parts are highly accentuated.



Also, we are aware of paper cut pain so much because hands are something that we are continuously using throughout the day thus, the constant reminder of pain is there with us, making us dwell over it and making us irritable to any other thing.

The depth of the wound with a paper cut is perfect for exposing and exciting the nerve fibers of the skin without damaging them the way a deeper, more destructive injury can severely damage the nerve fibers impairing their ability to communicate pain.

So after the injury from a paper cut, the nerves are lit and they become fully operational, thus the sensitivity of the area.



A doctor recommends a few ways to help deal with the excruciating pain that one feels with a paper cut. First things first, wash the cut with soap and water. This in turn help reduce the pain and also minimize the chances of having an infection. Keep the wound clean and you can also cover it with a band-aid for a few days.

While the physical response of paper cut can be a bit exaggeration, what is interesting here is the emotional and mental response to the injury.


It is no big news that after getting a paper cut, the emotions that humans feel range from anger over getting oneself hurt to helplessness over the pain and not to mention the anxiety over sudden incidence. This emotional response is not surprising because it makes us realize that we as humans are so vulnerable to accidents and that too not intentional ones. These emotions should be enough to make us feel humble and more sympathetic to other humans.