A Firefighter Spots A Wooden Box – What He Pulls Out Changed His Life Forever

By Michael Avery in Feel Good On 23rd October 2015


While driving down a road close to the woods, a firefighter spots an old wooden box next to the side of the road.

Something in him told him to hop out of his vehicle to take a closer look, and what he found inside would change his life forever. This short film was created by a student in college and tells the story of love but from the dog's point of view. As a pet owner, this struck a chord deep within my heart watching the rescued puppy grow up with love and nuturing support. He was saved from a grim life of hate and possibly even death. Whether times were high or low, his faithful pet would always be by his side, and never abandon him the sign of true love. It is not animals who are lucky to have us, but in reality, it is us who are lucky to have these precious creatures. They enrich our lives exponentially in a way that even humans can't do.

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