A Group Of Total Strangers Saved This Woman From A Seriously Scary Situation

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Feel Good On 19th August 2018

Leave Me Alone!

Imagine being this young woman and getting followed while minding your own business while walking down the street. This guy followed her and yelled profanities at her when she was trying to get him to stop following her any further. It was a truly scary situation for this young lady.


A Cry For Help

She started calling upon strangers to bring attention to this man who would not leave her alone. Thankfully, it worked. Several total strangers jumped to her aid and formed a barrier between this young lady and her stalker.


I Dare You!

These kind strangers were bold and taunted the man daring him to continue to follow the poor woman because he would have to get through them first. We bet this young lady did not expect this kind of help but appreciated it all the same.


The strangers knew that this poor young woman was terrified. Who knows what was going through this guy's head and what his intentions were. His ultimate goal could have been to rape her.


Thank You

Without having to say the words, this young lady was truly thankful for her rescuers. With an acknowledging head nod, she took off around the corner while her stalker was occupied with the crowd of strangers that came to her rescue.

Some Bizarre Behavior

The agitated mad began to display some bizarre, aggressive behavior towards the crowd. He was clearly out of his mind at having his plans thwarted by this crowd of do-gooders.

Going Ham

His bizarre behavior did not stop there. It was clear that this guy was unhinged and very dangerous. Could you just imagine what he had in store for the young woman he was following? We shudder to even think about it.

Foiled Plans

The guy finally realized that he had lost her target. This group of kind strangers gave her the opening she needed to get away from this creep, and we are so happy for that.

Stick Together

These are some true words to remember. We would also like to add that it would be great if more people stepped up like this group of strangers did to help this girl out. Do not be a bystander when you have the opportunity to possibly save a life.