A Gymnast Born Without Legs Starts Searching For Her Family Who Abandoned Her, Only To Find The Shocking Truth 16 Years Later

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 29th January 2018

Born without legs and abandoned by her parents the inspiring story of Jennifer Bricker will move you to tears and will make you realize the power of believing yourself and not giving up in life.

#1 Abandoned For Having Birth Defect

Born without legs, Jennifer Bricker was given up by her parents because of her birth defect and was abandoned at the hospital in Romania. Though lucky for her, she was adopted by a wonderful couple from Illinois who made sure to bring up Jeniffer as a confident girl who has the courage to follow her dreams.


#2 Favorite Past Time Tree Climbing

Since young Jennifer dreamed of becoming a gymnast and an athlete and for her dream to come true she never let her birth defect come in her way. The superwoman says that though she used to use a wheelchair in her daily life but there was not a single place where she could not go with her hands.

Growing up she played all sorts of sports and tree climbing was her favorite hobby. Her childhood idol, one whose footsteps she wanted to follow was the legendary gymnast, Dominique Mocaenue.

#3 Chasing Her Dreams

Not willing to give up, Jennifer grew up running around chasing her dreams, learning how to do acrobats moves on a trampoline in her parents’ yard soon she began tumbling professionally and even became the Illinois State Champion tumbler. By the age of 16, Jennifer has pursued her dreams and became a well-known gymnast in her state.


#4 Shocking Truth Revealed

Curious about her birth parents, Jennifer asked her adoptive parents about them. The truth revealed, however, shook Jennifer to the core. Never in million years, Jennifer would have thought that that one person whom she idolized her whole life would turn out to be her long-lost sister. Yes, you heard it correct, Jennifer turned out to be Dominique's baby sister.

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