A Man And His Family Decided To Kill Themselves Because They Were Not Allowed To Go Home

By Sughra Hafeez in Facts and DIY On 6th September 2015


Over 2000 migrants from Middle East and Africa camped in front of the Keleketi Railway Station in Budapest closed by European authorities saying that rules bar travel by those without relevant ID proofs.


Scenes on the emotional father who tried to escape the refugee camp.

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They were forced to get off a train in Hungary so that they could be taken back to the refugee camp by the police. This father tried to protect his family from being taken away to the holding camp by lying in the tracks in protest.


The wife along with the baby lying on the tracks to protest before the police dragged them off.

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The mother holding her baby and lying on the tracks as a sign of protest.


Desperately tries to hold on by biting his wife's jacket as the police drags him away from his family.


Emotional outburst of the father who tried to save his family. He was taken away from the scene in tears by the police.

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Earlier that day, thousands of migrants stormed the railway station in the hope that they might travel west to Austria and Germany.


They poured onto a stationary train, cramming children up through windows.


After loading on hundreds of refugees, the train left for Sopron on Hungary's border with Austria. Read more at: http://tr.im/K4RtA


However, 20 miles south of Budapest it was stopped and many were ordered to get off and report to a military camp near Bickshe according to sources.


A refugee punching fellows who tried to drag him off train.


A man collapsed after being pulled off a train from the train in Biscke.


A hungarian government spokesperson said that they would have to spend time in the holding camp instead of being allowed to travel freely.