A Mom Posted About Her 4-year-old Daughter Getting Hit By A Boy And What It Does Not Mean.

By Michael Avery in Cool On 9th October 2015


A tale as old as time: a little girl gets pantsed on the playground by a little boy, or he tugs her braids, or maybe throws a rock at her face, whatever. We all know what it means: Twue Wuv! That's True Love for grown-ups, except if grown-ups did that to each other it would be called assault. Of course, there's only so much you can do to keep aggressive little bundles of joy from pummeling one another because they haven't learned to use words yet. When it does happen, we definitely shouldn't be telling girls it means "he likes you." Especially when you end up in the hospital for stitches like Merritt Smith's 4-year-old:

"I bet he likes you."Dear man at the registration desk at Nationwide Children's hospital, l'm positive that you didn't...

Posted by Merritt Smith onĀ Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Merritt had a real head of steam after the person sitting at the registration desk at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio told her daughter just that, as though it's a consolation prize to be "liked" by the person who split your face open. Her post has struck a cord amongst parents everywhere, and probably a large number of women who just realized why they've always thought men treating them like sh*t was a good sign in a relationship. It starts young! Look, even renowned feminist film He's Just Not That Into You addresses it:

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