A Mom Wrote A Letter Complaining About Sexist Halloween Costumes To Party City And They Banned Her.

By Michael Avery in News On 30th September 2015


Lin Kramer is a lawyer and a mom and she wanted to pick out a cool costume for her 3-year-old daughter on Party City's website that didn't involve sexualizing her. Kramer was pretty disappointed by what she found in the 'girl costume' categories, and decided to pen an open letter to the company, which she posted on their Facebook page. She thought the company might be responsive, as they've recently made a big fuss about pulling ads from The View over insulting nurses, implying they've become more sensitive to public opinion. Also, if there's one thing Party City does, it's honor nurses!


Here it is and warning, it's long as heeeeelllllllll:

An open letter to #PartyCity:Dear Party City, Having just finished perusing your website for Halloween costumes for...

Posted by Lin Kramer onĀ Monday, September 14, 2015

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But would they really consider Lin Kramer's feedback in the future? Not likely, because her letter was soon deleted, and she claims she is now banned from the page entirely and unable to post or comment. Now that her story is circulating, people seem far more offended by how Party City is handling the complaint, than by sexy police costumes for toddlers. Folks are now commenting all over Party City's page with criticisms of how messed up their costumes are, in some cases even copy-pasting Lin Kramer's letter directly. Which is fine, because Party City's response is also copy-pasted:

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Party City doesn't want to cause costume problems, they want to provide costume solutions. So hopefully, whoever set up the 'reply bot,' then walked away from their desk, will realize what's up and get on top of this soon.