A Mysterious Bug Prevents You From Posting, ‘Everyone Will Know’ On Facebook In Posts, Comments Or In Messages

By Michael Avery in Science and Technology On 11th October 2015


Facebook doesnt let you post ‘Everyone Will Know' in status, comments, messages or anywhere on Facebook

An innocuous comment like ‘Everyone will know' seems to trigger some serious security issues with Facebook. In fact if you try to post one, you will get a unable to post reply with following action blocked pop up message.


From the looks of, ‘Everyone will know' seems to be in some kind of banned words super list that gets triggered every time a Facebook user tries to post it as a comment.

Another message triggered is that the action of typing ‘Everyone will know' in Facebook comments is deemed as abusive or otherwise disallowed.

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It seems to be blocked even in chats. Typing ‘Everyone will know' in FB messenger also triggers the same action block message.

It is now known how innocent looking ‘Everyone will know' can count as either abusive or against any community guidelines. But it seems to be a part of certain words and sentences that are banned from used on Facebook.

However nobody knows whether such a super list of banned words actually exists and besides ‘Everyone will know' what other words form the part of such a list.

Tech forums are filled with queries from Facebook users as to why Everyone will know is blocked and the purpose behind such a block. At the time of writing, no one seems to have a proper answer for this question.