A Smart Mirror Has Been Invented And It Can Tell You Everything That's Wrong With Your Face

Posted by Sumaika Ghani in Science and Technology On 10th January 2018

A new mirror has been launched and it can do so many things that we are amazed. From wrinkles to stubborn dark circles under your eyes, the HiMirror will analyze the tiniest of flaws and even give suggestions to get rid of them.



All the worries about your face should be gone by now as a smart mirror has been launched at the CES show this week. The HiMirror will be the judge from now onwards as it can analyze your skin and tell if there are any dark spots, black circles, redness, wrinkles and everything that just is not right on your face.



The cool device does not only have the ability to judge your skin but can also tell you about your hair condition on weekly basis and criticism is not its only aim. The smart mirror guides its owner and gives sincere advice as to which product can help.


With so many skills, the HiMirror will probably be the doctor of future and there will be no need to spend a fortune to get treated by a dermatologist. Besides thousands of advantages, there are some concerns over the invention of the smart mirror as well.


Although the newly invented device is super cool and there must be some brilliant technologists behind its invention, what concerns many people is that it might have a negative effect psychologically. Getting obsessed with face and feeling depressed for not looking perfect might be the consequences of such technology.

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