A Solo Sailor Shared His Live Location On Google Maps Is Causing Anxiety Among Viewers

By Editorial Staff in Community On 1st July 2024

A courageous former teacher swapped the classroom for the Pacific Ocean, aiming to sail across its vast expanse. 

Luke, a former school music teacher, decided to leave his usual life behind for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Detailing his journey on his TikTok page, 'sailing_songbird', he showed the world just how beautiful and frightening the experience can be. 

Many social media users admitted, while it is a fascinating journey, it is certainly driving up their anxiety and we don't blame them, Luke said.

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In one of his most viral videos, viewed more than 33 million times, Luke even showed where he and his boat are in the ocean. 

"It is month one, day 31 of sailing across the Pacific Ocean alone," he stated. 

"I'm in the doldroms, I'm stuck here in the doldrums and there is no wind."

"For reference, I am right about as far away from land you can be on the planet."

Luke acknowledged that despite what should have been a quite terrifying realization, he found himself appreciating the experience.

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"It is incredibly disorientating to be out on a paddleboard with absolutely nothing on the horizon except like a super cool sunset", he added.

"I am well over 1,000 miles away from any piece of land, and it is so quiet. This definitely feels like one of the more incredible things I'm privileged enough to experience."

While lots of people online talked about this super rare trip, some just couldn't stop thinking about how scary it must be.

"Nothing is creepier than an open body of water. I can't," one user wrote.

"That's crazy because if you look closely you can see the HELL and the NAH," joked another. 

"This is quite literally my biggest fear," a third added.

"Are there people out there with zero fear or anxiety?!? Is that a thing? Is it supposed to be that way? I need a study," commented another. 

But while some were totally freaking out about the guy sailing the ocean all by himself like it was no big deal, others were amazed that he still had phone signal out there!

"Man's uploading from the Pacific Ocean, and I'm losing network in my bathroom," one wrote. 

Recently Luke revealed that he is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean TikTok / sailing_songbird

As another joked: "Damn the pacific got Wi-Fi?" 

Turns out Luke has a dish on his boat that lets him get a phone signal. 

But no matter what you think, Luke's definitely got the coolest travel story ever!