A Teen Is Freed From Jail After Rape Allegations Are Proven False When His Brother Finds Text Messages Proving His Innocence.

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in News On 31st January 2018

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, more and more people are coming forward to admit they have been victims of sexual assault. This is not just happening among the Hollywood elite. Women and men from all over the world are coming forward feeling that they finally have a voice. While most of these cases are quite genuine, there are some who are also being innocently accused. If it had not been for a series of text messages that this young man's brother found, the 19-year-old could have spent years behind bars.


Standing Together

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has been a tipping point bringing women all over the world together to face the sexual predators who have assaulted them. They no longer feel alone and weak. They are standing strong, together against these vile men. However, while most of these stories we are hearing are quite true, there are some who are innocent of the crimes they are being accused of like in the case of 19-year-old Connor Fitzgerald who could have faced years behind bars had the truth not come out finally.

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Breaking Up

Having your relationship fall apart is not an easy thing to deal with. Sadly, we live in a world where being the "crazy ex-girlfriend" is glorified on social media. There are tons of GIFs and memes that encourage this kind of behavior.


The Arrest

Conor's whole ordeal started on November 1, 2017. A group of officers showed up at his South London home accusing him of raping a woman whose name is being left out for legal reasons. Conor was arrested in front of his terrified mother and sister. His accuser claimed the incident happened back in June 2017 after a drunken night out.


New Evidence

The case ended up getting dropped by Croydon Crown Court last week after a series of damning text messages were brought forth. Conor's accuser jokes about ruining his life in these text messages. Up until this moment, the teen spent three months in jail for something he did not do.

The Texts

When talking about the entire incident, Conor says, "It’s been heartbreaking. It felt like I was guilty until proven innocent. My life has been ruined. I’m scared to even leave the house because everyone thinks I’m a rapist."

It was Conor's brother who found the damning text messages when he was searching the iCloud for evidence that would exonerate his brother. As you can see from the conversation, this girl was clearly out to get Conor after they broke up.

Three Long Months

Because the allegations against Conor were so severe, he ended up spending three long months in jail without bail from November 6, 2017 until January 22. Conor is now planning on suing the police for the way they handled his entire case.

"I feel ashamed even though I’ve not done anything. It’s nasty," Conor revealed. "I honestly think that if my brother hadn’t found those texts and made the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) aware, I would have ended up in prison for 12 years or more."

The Police Are Not Doing Their Jobs

"The police are not securing enough rape convictions and because of that, they are far too keen to go ahead with prosecutions that are flimsy at most."

Conor is not the first man to have rape allegations brought against him then later dropped when text messages were discovered by a family member that exonerated him. There is clearly an issue with the police jumping to conclusions without searching for proper evidence. This is how lives get ruined, from piss poor police work. We wish Conor the best of luck with his lawsuit.