A Woman Posted On Facebook Asking For Someone To Shoot Her Dog. The Only Reply Was From The Cops.

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 21st September 2015


A woman in Troup, Texas posted a message on Facebook that has dog lovers fuming the world over. She had an adorable three-year-old Saint Bernard/English bulldog mix named Cinnamon, and she wanted someone to rub her out. Here's the post:


While it is thoughtful to provide the gun, the general reaction this request got was pure outrage. Dog owners, who are famously touchy about the subject of assassinating dogs, were quick to jump on this story. Local animal control was notified, and officers quickly showed up at the Troup home to collect Cinnamon.

Cinnamon's owner told police that she had to get rid of her because she couldn't take care of her anymore, and because she kept getting in the garbage. There's no word, however, on why she thought a gunshot was the only solution. KHOU sent a reporter to her house to get some answers, but the woman wouldn't speak to her. Her son, however, had some choice words:

"I'm not gonna talk s&%t, like just go. I know how the media works. You people are the f#@king devil."

The media may be the f#@king devil, but they're not the ones who wanted to have a dog shot. The woman in question won't be charged with a crime, because she gave Cinnamon up to Animal Control willingly. Now she's free to adopt another dog hopefully one that will stay out of the trash, for its own sake.

As for Cinnamon, she's currently staying with a foster family. She'll be going up for adoption soon. Let's hope she finds a loving, non-murderous family to take her in. Or at least one that won't provide the gun.

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