A Woman Woke Up From Coma To Find Out She Is A Mom

By Suzanne in Feel Good On 21st August 2015

#1 A miracle happened to Sharista Giles.

#2 She was 20 years old when she went in coma after a car accident.

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#4 Fortunately, her baby was unharmed in the crash. But doctors had to deliver him prematurely in January. He was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

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#5 He was less than two pounds when born and named Baby L with the hope that his mother would wake up someday and name him.

#6 This was when the miracle happened. Sharista's aunt Beverly wrote on Facebook, 'She opened her eyes and blinked and squeezed our fingers when we asked her to, she was following her Dad's voice and then she saw her baby. She is not communicating still, but this is a good start. God is great. Keep praying.'

#7 It seemed like Sharista was responding to her baby boy, who was soon named Leighton Isiah Giles. He stays with his Mom's family since April 2015. He visits his mum regularly now.

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#8 Beverly updated another Facebook post according to which they went to meet Sharista, painted her toenails and hung a poster size picture of her baby so that she can see him all the time.

#9 Yet another post by Sharista's aunt said that the baby went to meet his mommy at her facility on Friday to celebrate Mothers Day.

#10 When the baby was kept on his mother's chest, she puckered her lips twice and kissed the baby on his forehead.

#11 Every time when Leighton visits his mom, she is seen to be more responsive which strengthens her belief that one day she will come out of coma.

#12 They played a video of her baby laughing out loud which made her turn towards him as he was looking at her and cooing.

#13 Unfortunately, since July 2015, things are going downhill for Sharista. She has an appointment with a neurologist in August 2015.

#15 Lets hope that this ending turns out to be a good one. Miracles do happen for those who believe. This pair of Mother-son deserves one.