A Young Girl Will Finally Rid Herself Of Burn Scars Using Tattoos And It's Absolutely Amazing

By Muk Khatri in Feel Good On 23rd October 2015

#1 Meet Samira Omar, a 17-year-old girl who was the victim of horrific bullying while spending the summer living in the UK.

#2 She was under the impression that these classmates were her friends until 4 of them cornered her one day, beat her, and doused her with boiling water.

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#3 Omar lost pigment in her forehead and hands as well as receiving severe scars on her neck.

She said that she literally watched her skin peeling off while calling for help.

#4 Although she returned home to Canada and her emotional scars are healing, she thought her physical ones would remain forever.

Until she met Dr. Hameed.

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#5 Using para-medical tattooing treatments, over a series of months, Hameed will conceal Omar's scars for good.

#6 Hameed's first patient was herself. She was badly burned at the age of 2 by hot oil and after nearly 100 procedures, her scars remained.

When she was told it was hopeless, she took matters into her own hands and came across cosmetic tattooing and eventually started her own business.

#7 Today, Hameed has helped so many people just like Omar, and she truly transforms their lives.

As it stands, Omar's scars need further healing before treatments can begin. In the meantime, Hameed has taught her how to use scar-concealing makeup, and when she's healed enough, her treatment will be done for free. Truly incredible.

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