Abandoned Dog Who'd Lost All Hope Finds Forever Family Thanks To Viral Facebook Post

By Johny in Feel Good On 18th February 2023

Lucky, a beagle mix puppy abandoned at The Greene County Animal Shelter in Virginia in early 2021, was named by the rescuers because they wanted he may be met with all the best luck in the world. 

Lucky was adopted in March 2021 by a family who loved him. The dog relaxed beside them, unaware that a storm was approaching.

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Lucky's family was taken aback by his size after a year of living with him. They attempted to cope with the discomfort but couldn't, therefore the enormous woofing boy was returned to the shelter in September 2022.

Lucky was struggling at the shelter after being abandoned by his adoring humans. He wasn't as happy and energetic as he used to be since he missed his family's loving hugs. 

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Despite his size, the charming canine felt he was a lap dog and enjoyed playing with people. He was also well-behaved and kind to other dogs and cats.

Lucky became more concerned as more individuals came to the refuge without regard for him. He received little attention after a month of being available for adoption since most pet owners did not want to bring home a large dog. 

The caregivers were concerned since he looked to be giving up, so they shared Lucky's tale on their Facebook page and asked for aid from pet-loving communities.

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Fortunately, the message went viral, reaching almost 130,000 individuals. A few days later, the huge darling was greeted by his new family, who promised to cherish him and his massive physique for the rest of his life. Though Lucky seemed to require some time to warm up to his new family, everyone was pleased.