According To Vets, Rabbits Should Be Kept In Groups Or With A Partner To Combat Loneliness

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 12th February 2020

British Veterinary Association has called on the Government to ban the selling of rabbits if they are not in pairs or group. According to the research, rabbits are sociable mammals who can easily get depressed and lonely if they are kept in isolation or away from their group.These animals usually prefer company over food. So the pet shops, must encourage the owners to buy the animal in pairs or compatible group for their healthy and happy life.


#1 If separated from their group, rabbits become sad and depressed

Recently the British Veterinary Association called on the Government to ban the selling of single rabbits. The report says that rabbits are social animals who live together in groups in wild burrows. Separating them from their groups can make them sad and depressed.


#2 They need to communicate to live a happy and healthy life

They need interaction and communication to remain healthy and happy.It comes after a survey of 18,000 of BVA members found that 42 per cent of bunnies were sold alone.


#3 The pet owners should house them with suitable companions

The British Veternary Associaton said that the rabbits should be encouraged to be bought in pairs or groups in pet vending legislation.

According to research, when given a choice, the sociable animals are likely to choose company over food. BVA president Daniella Dos Santos said it is a 'big concern' that many rabbits in the UK live a solitary life and the mammals benefit greatly from being housed with a suitable companion.

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