According To Vets, Rabbits Should Be Kept In Groups Or With A Partner To Combat Loneliness

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 12th February 2020

#5 Many pet rabbits suffer from loneliness and depressed conditions in UK

Rabbits despite being the UK's third most popular pet, according to the 2019 PDSA Paw report, many suffer from loneliness and depressed conditions. Ms Dos Santos says that it is important that the pet owners seek expert guidance wen selecting the right match for their pet. According to her, when the pet is depressed, he will show signs of sleepiness and unnecessary hiding and in extreme cases pulling out their own fur.

Ms Dos Santos added how a neutered pair is usually ideal when purchasing two rabbits together. The owners should always consult their vet for the safest option when introducing a companion to a lone rabbit.

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