Adorable Corgi Gives His Owners A Mini Heart Attack After It Feasts On A Dragon Fruit And Rests Peacefully In The Mess

Posted by Sama in Funny On 24th March 2020

Gody the Corgi is a 2-month old baby dog who loves to play mischievous tricks on his family and keeps them entertained. With his recent trick, Gody almost convinced his family that he is dead and not only gave a mini heart attack to his family but to Internet users too.


#1 Just another day with a good trick up his sleeve to scare his family

Pets can be really naughty when it comes to tricking their owners. But this adorable Corgi took the joke too far and almost gave a heart attack to his owners. The mischievous dog had a feast on dragon fruit and thought that it would be fun to pretend dead after eating it just to give a good scare to his family. Needless to say, he succeeded at it.


#2 "Gody the Corgi" is his name

Gody's family captured a picture of him lying on the floor which looks a snap straight out of a crime show. The picture when shared online gave a good scare to Internet users too and many had to double-check the post to ensure that the dog was not hurt.


#3 Playing innocent after scaring everyone

#4 Gody trying to figure out his crime


#5 What I did human?

#6 The happy dog

#7 Gody has his own social media page

Gody has his own Facebook page where his owners share his pictures and keep his followers entertained with his mischievous tricks. Gody’s owner explained that the Facebook page is named after the Corgi’s mother. “This page was created for Candy a while ago. I want to share all the fun moments of my dogs with everyone to bring them some joy in their busy days.”

According to Gody's family, he is a 2-month old dog so basically he is like a baby dog ho loves to eat, sleep and get dirty. Gody particularly loves to eat fruits a lot.

#8 It is not the first time Gody has pretended to be dead

#9 Such a drama queen he is

#10 According to his parents, his training is still going on

#11 Gody has over 74k followers on Facebook

#12 He loves to play with his humans

#13 Gody loves to eat watermelons

#14 Internet was equally amazed at this dog's adorable tricks

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