Adorable Husband Mistakes Attractive Woman For His Wife At Target

Posted by Muk Khatri in Amazing On 6th February 2017

You don't often see someone confessing that they have cheated, let alone making a post about it on social media. When your eyes start to wander, people are going to get hurt and it's the person you swore to protect who gets the brunt of it. When someone cheats, people also get angry.

#1 Jason Hewlett is an entertainer, father, and husband.


#2 The last thing you would expect from a man who looks so happy and content is for him to cheat.

#3 However, in a recent Facebook post, Jason admitted to cheating on his wife.

"Kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think I sort of cheated on my wife today. To explain what I mean, I was at Target getting a few manly things, you know - eyebrow tweezers, toenail clippers, beard trimmers, mustache molding waxes, some beef jerky, sardines, trail mix, a loofah - and as I went to pay I saw this woman in line that knocked me out."


#4 "I thought, 'Wow, some lucky guy is with her,' and in a split second I realized it was my wife!"

"You know, it was just out of context to see my spouse at the same store, in the same line, living her life and not knowing she might be at the same place, same time, different car. There was a person between us, so I just watched my cute little Love, tried to text her stuff like, 'Hey Hottie' and 'What are you buying now my Babelicious?', none of which got her attention as she was looking for a coupon she'd saved just for this purchase. So I gave up getting her attention, as you can imagine I easily could have humiliated her by leaping on the register as a Raptor and really making her publicly proud, and instead just stood back and silently observed my feelings about this woman."

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