Adult Star Lena The Plug Discusses How Her First Encounter Sleeping With A Male Co-Star Affected Her Relationship With Her Husband

By Zainab Pervez in Showbiz On 11th July 2023

Lena found herself defending Adam22, her husband, against online criticism after he was labeled a 'simp' by social media users. 

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This backlash came as a result of Adam allowing Lena to engage in a professional scene with fellow adult star Jason Luv.


According to Lena, there's a double standard at play as she and Adam have had 'hundreds' of threesomes with other women and nobody criticized them for that.

Talking to TMZ outside a grocery store, she said: "I feel bad for him Adam because I'm having a lot of positive reaction whilst he's having a lot of negative reaction."

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"I'm getting hated too but I do feel like there's a big dump on him."

"He can handle it, he's a big boy."

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"I feel like everyone should do what makes them happy as long as they're not hurting anyone."

"There's way weirder sexual things out there than what we currently have going on."


Following the incident, Lena, who is 32 years old, has now disclosed the real impact that filming the scene had on her and Adam's relationship.

During her appearance on her husband's podcast, No Jumper, Lena expressed her feelings to Adam, suggesting that he finds it arousing to witness her engage in sexual activities with someone else.

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She continued: "We already know you think it's hot, we did it once."

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During their conversation, the couple delved into a discussion about whether Adam might be perceived as a 'cuck,' a term that refers to a cisgender man who willingly consents to his wife engaging in sexual activities with other men, often associated with a sense of humiliation.

This term is explained by Cosmopolitan as a consensual dynamic within a relationship.

Contrary to being labeled as a 'cuck,' Adam openly confessed that he found the video enjoyable and described it as arousing, even going so far as to publicly express his appreciation for it on Twitter.


He tweeted: "It's officially been a week since I let my wife do a porn with another guy. I felt a little jealous at first but overall it wasn’t that big a deal. She’s watched me sleep with hundreds of girls and it’s never affected our relationship."


"Sleeping with that gentleman has been amazing for both her career and our business @plugtalkshow! Overall I’m glad we did it and I’m happy to report her vagina has returned to its original pre-BBC size."

Addressing concerns from social media users about the impact of the film on their relationship, Lena clarified that, surprisingly, she and Adam have actually been more sexually active since she recorded the scene with Jason.

The 32-year-old adult film star highlights that, interestingly, she and Adam now find themselves engaging in sexual activity "every time" they have a conversation about her scene with Jason.


Adam resolved: "Even if I really didn't like the idea of you f**king another guy on camera, I mean, being in the porn business, it would just be insane for me to say no to it as this point. Or at least for the one scene."


"The financial rewards have been so absurd."

"We're in business together."


Additionally, the husband emphasized that he and Lena are currently in a "great place" within their relationship, indicating that their bond remains strong and positive.

From Adam's perspective, the opinions of the internet no longer heavily affect him, and he no longer feels excessively insecure about being judged for the choices he makes within his relationship.