Afraid To Visit Dentist? After Seeing These 15 Old Dental Instruments, You Will Be Glad That You Live In This Century

By Muk Khatri in History On 30th September 2015

#1 Dental Phantom - 1930s

It was not a phantom for a horror movie but a standard model that was used by dentists to practice what they had studied.

#2 Goat’s Foot Elevator - 1700s

This tool was used to force out the loose tooth when it was not leaving the gums with other simple tools.

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#3 Tongue Ecraseur -1850s

This pirate ship-like structure was used to remove infected parts of tongue. The wheel was used to inhibit the blood circulation in part of the tongue and then it chopped off.

#4 Secateurs - 1810's

This horrible equipment was a tooth extracting device.

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#5 Bone Chisels -1780s

Another tool to extract tooth.

#6 Dental Mouth Gag -1500s

This tool was used to keep the mouth open of the person having lock jaw.

#7 Oral Speculum - 1600's

It was a grip that was used to keep open the mouth of the patient. The more it was opened, the wider would be the mouth.

#8 Dental Screw Forceps - 1848

Additional tool to help screw getting in to root.

#9 Wilcox-Jewett Obtunder -1905

At that time, the only anesthetic drug was cocaine; this syringe was used to inject it in the gums.

#10 Finger-Rotated Dental Drill -1870s

It was the tool for most painful and slow process of tooth drilling as it worked manually.

#11 That’s how Bow Drill worked.

#12 Bow Drill - 7000 BC

It was used as a drilling tool. Just think about the pain!

#13 Dental Pelican - 1600's

It got this name because of its beak-like structure. It was used to extract tool through its pointy claws!

#14 Dental Forceps - 1600's

Forceps could be that brutal! A single tooth, I think it can take out the whole jaw.

#15 Clockwork Drill -1876

It was the first drill to continuously work in action.