After A Fatal Car Accident, Teen Dies 8 Times, Wakes Up After Hearing Dad's Grieving Confession

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 28th January 2018

Infamously known as 'Ironman', Brian Boyle's journey as an athlete is definitely not an easy one. Brian has fought hard and has beaten death multiple times in order to recover from the fatal car accident that nearly claimed his life, the aftermath of the accident was so scary that the doctors had almost given up on him. But with his parent's support and his own determination, Brian has stunned the whole world with his amazing recovery.

#1 Near Death Experience

Brian Boyle was an athlete, one month after his high school graduation in 2004 the teenager was returning home from the swimming practice when he got into a car accident. Brian was so badly injured that he had to be airlifted to a shock-trauma hospital. The horrifying accident changed Brian's life in an instant, Brian lost 60% of his blood, his heart had moved across his chest, his organs were badly damaged, his ribs shattered and clavicle was broken.


#2 Vegetable State

Following the accident, Brian was in coma two whole months during which he almost lost his fight against death 8 times. Brian even remembers a priest reading him his last rites. He underwent 14 surgeries, 36 blood transfusions, and 13 plasma treatments. The young man woke up from the coma two months later and after waking up Brian could not recall the accident.

He could see and hear but he could not move or talk. Doctors prepared Brian's parents for the worst.

#3 Do Not Give Up!

Confused from his state, Brian was scared of what was happening to him. He could hear nurses near him saying 'vegetable' and 'nursing home.' The process of recovery was so slow that Brian was ready to give up. Sensing his son's distress. Brian's dad Garth decided to talk to his son. Sitting beside his bed, the grieving father told Brian not give up, he was the only light in his parents' life. They needed him back.

Waking up from the coma, Brian gives credit to his dad, according to him it was because of his dad's emotional heart-to-heart talk that made him come back and open his eyes.


#4 Miracle Happened

Then the miracle happened. It was almost as if someone gave a new life to Brian. Following the emotional talk, Brian woke up, he was now willing to fight back. After Brian's tubes were removed, he was soon moved to a wheelchair. After spending few months in the wheelchair Brian started walking again with baby steps. With his parents' support, Brian was able to walk again.

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