After A Scary Incident Involving A Child, Fire Department Posts A Graphic Warning Regarding Hot Hose Water In Summer

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 15th July 2018

Summertime is here for the kids to enjoy their holidays and relax a bit. But before you go ahead with your plans please give this warning posted by Las Vegas Fire Rescue Department a thorough read.


#1 A Serious Warning Issued By Las Vegas Fire Rescue

Summer season is finally here and we all can't finally wait for a break from our hectic life schedules and enjoy a bit with our kids. However, before you get ahead with your plans there has been a very serious warning issued by Las Vegas Fire Rescue.


#2 The Warning Was Shared On Social Media With A Graphic Picture Of A Burnt Child

Apparently having fun in summer includes playing around with your kids and pets with the garden hose. But Las Vegas Fire Rescue posted a grave warning with a graphic picture warning all the adults out there about spraying with a hose on a warm sunny day could put them at the risk of getting burned badly.


#3 Hose Water In Summer Can Cross The Temperature Beyond 100°C

The authorities also posted a graphic picture of a child badly burnt by the scalding hot water as a warning. Reportedly hose waters during summer and in warm regions can reach beyond the temperature 100°C which is extremely dangerous and can do skin damage that is beyond repair.

The authorities on their Twitter page posted a message that read, "Here in Las Vegas, a garden hose exposed to direct sunlight during summer can heat the water inside the hose (not flowing) to 130-140 degrees, which can cause burns, especially to children & animals. Let the water flow a few minutes to cool before spraying on people or animals."

#4 The Picture Shared Is Of Nicholas Woodger Who Suffered From A Second-Degree Burn Because Of An Incident Like This

According to the media outlet, the picture was previously shared by a mom from another city who wanted to warn people out there from the scary consequences of using hose water on a sunny day. The picture shared was of at that time 9-month old Nicholas Woodger of San Tan Valley. And it was shared by the kid's mom Dominique Woodger who reportedly said that she was filling her kid's pool when she accidentally turned on the hose water on her child. The child sadly suffered from a second-degree burn and 30% of his body was affected.


#5 According To The Authorities They Circulate This Picture On Social Media Every Year To Prevent Unfortunate Incidents Like These From Happening

The fire department said they use the kid's picture every year to warn people about the dangers of using hose water in summer. "It’s a file photo, we use it every year to show just how serious a burn can occur to a toddler. We got a ton of tweets back from people (saying) 'I never thought about that,' and that’s why we do it."